Daily Message ~ Monday December 10, 2012

Many of you have come to accept the power of your “I AM” statements. Along that vein, have you considered the potential power of your “you are” statements? While you do not have the power to define another on your own, if they believe your definitive statements about them, they will very quickly become “I AM” statements to them and have the potential to be very damaging indeed. Dear Ones, don’t you think you have all been through enough abuse? Words are powerful. Speak mindfully, and seek to uplift others by reminding them of their own divine spark and giving them new empowering ways to define themselves. ~Archangel Gabriel

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  1. Tara says:

    Very powerful and much needed…sometimes the negative forces in your life from another can cause you to revert to old patterns…it is truly a blessing to have a gentle reminder of what is…Thank You as always!

  2. lucajove says:

    Obrigado porque eu sou!

  3. lucajove says:

    Eu fico muito agradecido meu irmão divino,eu tenho a certeza das mudanças,sei que se faz necessárias e maravilhosa,eu confio em ti meu irmão divino sei que o amor e a caridade nos elevam porque eu sou amor,eu sou a paz,eu sou a positividade,eu sou filho do senhos Deus,obrigado,obrigado,obrigado!!!!

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