Daily Message ~ Sunday April 14, 2013

Many human beings have come to the point where they completely believe they can create the life expression of their dreams.  This is wonderful!  However, what we are seeing in a great number of you, is that you are holding it off by believing that it will happen “one day”.  Dear Ones, we encourage you to start to manifest your creations in present time.  Your time is NOW.  Instruct your body to heal NOW.  Draw your monetary resources to you NOW.  Step into your authentic power, not one day, but NOW.  Feel your divine partner presenting to you in the NOW.  There is nothing to be gained by “one day” thinking.  Why put off your health, your wellness, your happiness, your heartfelt dreams and desires?  Your time is NOW, Dear Ones, because you are expressing your mastery and are ready for it to be so.  ~Archangel Gabriel

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  1. lucajove says:

    Eu intendo irmão amado eu irei começar a mudar os meus pensamentos iniciando com a sua mensagem, de agorá em diante eu subirei mas um patamar no processo evolutivo,porque eu sou uma nova consciência,eu sou amor,eu sou paz,eu sou fé,eu sou uma pequena parte do universo,obrigado,obrigado,obrigado…

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