Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 30, 2013

Dear Ones, you do not need to make others wrong in order to make yourselves right. When humanity finally embraces that truth, when you step out of the energies of having to defend your beliefs, is when you will finally, finally take a giant step toward the peace you all seek to experience on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel

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  1. newxonearth says:

    This one is for me I know. Thank you :)

  2. Lara' Marie says:

    Thank you, Archangel Gabriel. That is realy very impotent. Lara’ Marie

  3. Hi,
    You may consider adding to this that the former, what you have termed “old” religions, and here I am speaking of the Christian, Buddhist and Taoist, were born of the suffering (anxiety) of a disempowered humanity, the dominant culture being one ultimately based on control of the individual. Every civilization has sooner-or-later found itself in the position of trying to preserve itself (mostly the power and wealth of the few) in the face of increasing levels of non-compliance by its general citizens. Today is no different in that respect. Civilization is becoming increasingly totalitarian, its citizens disempowered by moneyed interests and the imposssible-to-maintain fiscal situations that this man-made nightmare reality have created. Citizens are increasingly divided along deeply entrenched ideologies, all of which fail to address the underlying problems. Thus, with adherents stuck in these totalitarian civilizations, these “old” religions offered a way out by providing methods to clear-the-slate of our own being so-to-speak, to flush our minds of ego, and so to lead ous out of suffering. We need not denigrate these religions as they have not failed, they in fact now support the new awareness and, if you re-read their original teachings with your new empowered mind, you will see it is so. They are simply becoming obsolete. Their job is done and not because their essential teaching was flawed but because that teaching was given to flawed people.
    Mike Brochu

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