Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 21, 2013

Your ego self is like an insecure child that fears if it is not getting all of your attention it will lose your love. It is much like a demanding toddler that will tantrum for that attention if it feels threatened by your abandonment. Dear Ones, self love and acceptance is what will soothe the ego self. When you are practicing unconditional love for ALL aspects of you, you will be able to reach the calm place of peace and harmony you seek. You cannot move forward into a model of unity consciousness from a place of denying any part of who you are. Unconditional self love, understanding, nurturing, integration, balance and healthy boundaries are what will move you forward in a whole and empowered way. ~Archangel Gabriel

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  1. Nicole Deault says:

    I keep hearing about healthy boundaries and personally I have a difficult time with what healthy boundaries are and how I know when I have overstepped them.
    Guidance in setting healthy boundaries and recognizing them would be appreciated!
    Do you have any suggestions as in reading material or other?

  2. Hi Nicole!

    Healthy boundaries means that you are as caring and vigilant about your own self care and well-being as you are with that of others. One handy tip Gabriel taught me is to not be more invested in another’s wellness than they are invested in their own. Of course this doesn’t mean that you don’t reach out and help someone if they need it! But it does mean that help given is empowering to the person you are giving it to, helping them to help themselves rather than making them dependant on you for their wellness.

    Often stepping into healthier boundaries means asking yourself how you truly feel before you agree to something. Don’t say yes to anything you really don’t want to do, it will only breed resentment over time. Healthy boundaries also means finding a good balance between giving and receiving…lots of people are very good with one and not so good with the other.

    It really is a dance – boundaries are not always carved in stone…sometimes you must give a little more or receive a little more…but all in all it balances out to an fairly even exchange of give and take. Hope this helps!

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