Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 11, 2013

Dear Ones, why not make a commitment to leave the energy just a bit better everywhere you go today? Do kindnesses for each other. Smile. Consciously find the beauty all around you. Be courteous. Hold your balance and shine your light. By doing so, not only will you be of energetic service to others, you will greatly benefit from it as well. ~Archangel Gabriel

  • hu
    Posted at 15:46h, 11 September Reply

    Sounds like a grand idea, came to check one of the properties I take care in Rancho cuc, Boss drives up at the same moment I was there asked me why i was not in Van Nuys 75 miles away completeing that project.He looked irate, then told me to meet Jim in Upland imstead….I will kill him with kindness when i get there…positive persuasion …..let you know the out come..

    thx hu

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