Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 24, 2013

We understand that many of you would like to incorporate the practice of meditation into your lives, but you are too busy, too tired, too unsure of how to do it, or too distracted to even try. Many of you have this picture that you must immediately turn into a master, sitting for hours in perfect stillness, or your meditation is a failure. That is one style of meditation that takes years of dedicated study to attain. That is like wanting to be a concert pianist the first time you sit down at a piano. Start small. All you are aiming for is a few moments of stillness to connect with your inner self. Simply stopping for a minute, right in the middle of your day, to ask yourself, “How do I feel?”, can work wonders in helping you become more congruent, more in line with what your real needs and desires are. You’d be surprised how much change can come just from that small amount of self connection. So, Dear Ones, take the pressure off yourselves and simply commit to getting to know you. The real you. The authentic you. The one that has been sitting there all this time, just waiting to be heard. It will be an amazing experience and will feel like coming Home to yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel

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  1. kitty says:

    but if i stop i just might cry.. super sensitive… and asking myself… ahhhh thank you for this will share some of this on my status! <3

  2. hugo says:

    Hi ….I sit here on breezy afternoon laughing at the note today…..In a possitive way…I’ve been sitting at the piano playing with the keys not knowing where to start…I listen to your word……why chip away at Everest….when I can climb the canyon here in my neiborhood…I shall starvery inspirational…hu

  3. ursula sauerbaum says:

    After reading those words I feal a little easier to start with meditation. It nevr happened me sitting still for more than five minutes , my head it is like a beehive. ua

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