Daily Message ~ Sunday June 26, 2016

Dear Ones, it only takes a few seconds of heartfelt intention to surrender into your highest good. It only takes a few minutes to still yourself and connect to Source. It only takes a moment to notice the beauty that abounds all around you and feel gratitude for it. These are choices that can make all the difference in the world to your comfort and satisfaction, that do not make any big demands on your time. The idea that you do not have enough time to devote to your spiritual practice is a fallacy, for it is a beautiful addition […]

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Daily Message ~ Saturday June 25, 2016

There has been this insidious belief that has been conditioned into you that says you are not ready to handle freedom. Freedom and authentic power go hand in hand. Together they embrace your divine capability as a co-creator of your own life expression, as well as the great shift that is happening on your planet. And yet, even though you may fear stepping into your authentic power, every time anything infringes upon your freedom, you will feel your own energetics rising up against that. Dear Ones, that should tell you that not only are you ready to assume your own […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday June 24, 2016

Constraining yourself creates discomfort, as your soul is always seeking to grow and expand. Attempting to constrain others, will create discomfort in your relationship with them and will ultimately cause them to have to reject you in order to honour the freedom the soul is seeking. Dear Ones, control simply cannot get you where you want to be, not for yourself, and not with others. Do not be afraid of freedom for it is freedom that will flow you right to your deepest desires and truest connections. The days of holding yourself back, keeping yourself small, and letting fear rule […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday June 23, 2016

Have you ever had the most marvellous day, where everything fell into place with incredible ease? Days such as that are days where you have found the flow and are open-heartedly accepting the support and movement it offers. Those days do not have to be once in a blue moon, Dear Ones. You can ride the energetic wave and harness the support of the flow every day if you choose, by intending to surrender into your highest good with faith and trust. Once you start doing so, we would say it will very quickly become your preferred method for navigating […]

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