Daily Message ~ Friday December 9, 2016

If you could look at each other and love each other with the same patience, love, and acceptance as you give small children, you would honour everyone for exactly who they are and where they are on their life journey, and you would become so much easier with each other. Who ever decided love, patience and acceptance was only for the young? At what point did you decide others didn’t deserve that and replaced it with judgment? How powerfully would all of your relationships shift it you decided to move back into acceptance and love for others? How powerfully would […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday December 8, 2016

Many of you deny your feelings and needs for so long that you become completely out of balance and that causes you to become reactive. As you start to honour yourself and your own needs as being as valid as everyone else’s, you create a space of greater comfort for yourself. Because you have become accustomed to becoming reactive as a precursor to change, many of you feel that a strong energetic response is necessary to be heard or to create change. But the true change comes from the moment you have decided that you energetically no longer wish to […]

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday December 7, 2016

As you look forward to a new year, you are going to be creating in unprecedented energies. The question to ask yourself now is what will bring me joy? Many of you have been done a great disservice in your life. You have been taught that to follow your joy is somehow wrong or frivolous. In truth, the things that bring you joy – your innate passions and interests – are present within you for the purpose of guiding your life expression and helping you find your highest path and service. You chose those specific interests and skills to add […]

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday December 6, 2016

Dear Ones, so many of you worry that you aren’t good enough. You are an individuated aspect of Source energy. How could that not be enough? Not only are you more than enough, there has never been a moment during your entire incarnation that you weren’t enough. You are love in human form, an active participant in the great Shift of humanity, a member of the ground crew of an ascending planet. From the moment you have taken your first breath you have been of service. Please understand that the enlightenment process has never been about becoming good enough to […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday December 5, 2016

Dear Ones, it is safe to love and be loved. In fact, the energy of love is the safest, most healing, restorative energy there is. It is your birthright, your true essence, and as natural and necessary to you as breathing. What has happened is somewhere along the way, someone tried to sell something to you as love that wasn’t love at all. Deep in your being you know what love really is, and what it isn’t. What you are trying to avoid is the absence of love because that is what causes you pain. Choosing not to love to […]

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