Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 28, 2016

As sensitive human beings on an ascending planet, many of you are greatly affected by the shifting energies. Something that can be very helpful to you is to create an energy log. An energy log is simply keeping a diary of any astrological or energetic events, your feelings and symptoms during those events, and what you may have found helpful to keep you more comfortable during those times. By keeping track, you will soon find that you can tell from your body what is happening, and you will be able to seamlessly know what has been helpful in the past, […]

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 27, 2016

Flow is expansion and freedom. Control is contraction and constriction. If you understand that everything you desire – healing, love, abundance, connection, growth – is a flow, you will start to see that your habit of control simply cannot get you the results you are wanting. Why hold onto an old system that really isn’t effective? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Monday September 26, 2016

Temptation is an opportunity to explore something without having the experience. It allows you to stop and consider what is your truth and to choose and create from there. It can also make you aware of something that is seeking to be healed and loved within you. It is a wonderful chance to self define and express who you are in a new, wiser way, without the creation of karma and regret, which is far more in line with the desires of the mindful, evolving human being. You see, Dear Ones, there is a gift in everything if only you […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 25, 2016

Many of you feel regret for what you consider to be your mistakes. But the fact that you regret them indicates those actions were not in line with who you really are. You have uncovered a deeper layer of truth from the experience, a deeper level of your inner knowingness, which has brought you closer to the experience of your own divinity. You can then integrate that into your latest expression of beingness, and that, Dear Ones, is the purpose of experience. All movement is ultimately forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 24, 2016

Somewhere along the line, busyness has become glorified for many human beings. They deem themselves as being good or successful the more action they can squeeze into the day. While we applaud action toward creation, many people are finding themselves exhausted and less than satisfied with their lives regardless of the amount of effort they have put into it. How can this be? Busyness does not necessarily mean positive forward movement. While it may meet the approval of societal expectations, the real proof of its success is the health, happiness, and satisfaction of the person living the incarnation. And you […]

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