Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 25, 2016

Why not have a surrender experiment? Why not surrender into having the most wonderful day? There doesn’t need to be any grand ritual, just an intention to surrender into having a great day. Then simply allow the day to unfold, following the path of least resistance and any signs or synchronicities from the universe. See if your day was better than most, and how you felt emotionally at the end of your day. Once you have done that for several days, examine how your week is going. Is it better than most? Are you feeling better than usual? Surrendering with […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 24, 2016

We speak so much of the importance of love. But what is love really? Why is it such a big deal? Love is the sustenance of your soul. It is where you came from, and where you will always return. It is the great expander, healer, unifier, and connector. It is your reunion with Source energy, and how you express your own divinity. It is the constancy, the comfort, the safety, the acceptance you all yearn for. When you come into the body to have a singular life experience, you perceive yourself as separate from the love of Source. The […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 23, 2016

Dear Ones, if someone has hurt you in the past, it is an indicator that they were not at a level of soul growth to choose differently. They simply did not know better. Now you can say that they should have known better, but the reality is, if they were hurtful, in that moment they did not. They did not know better because the hurt happened. Recognizing that you were hurt because someone did not know better, allows you to heal. It makes the affront less personal, and more an expression of who they were in that moment of time. […]

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 22, 2016

Dear Ones, many of you perceive spirituality as being too complex or time consuming to understand in a meaningful enough way to make a difference. Simply deciding that today you will be kind – kind to yourself, and kind to others, is beautiful and profound spirituality in action. A person in their simplest service is always far more powerful than someone who has accumulated vast spiritual knowledge and doesn’t act on it, for true divinity is not about knowing, it is about BEing. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 21, 2016

Grace is a high vibrating attribute among human beings. It is seen as a beautiful and benevolent energy that is lovely to behold. When one is in a state of grace, they are in peaceful, fluid alignment with Source energy. They are the embodiment of surrender, flow and acceptance. Grace is forgiving and loving. It is heart-centered movement and presence. As you learn to employ the vital aspects of surrender, faith, flow, trust, acceptance, and allowing in your lives, Dear Ones, the state of grace and ease you seek will naturally occur. You will be expressing and navigating yourself through […]

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