Partnership With Spirit ~ Developing Psychic Communication Through Hypnosis

Have you always wanted to have a more profound relationship with your guides, angels and masters? Have you wished you could connect to receive your own guidance? This course teaches the skill of self hypnosis as a tool to help you learn how to do just that, in a way that is fun, easy to understand, appropriate, and safe. Learn the exact methods Archangel Gabriel taught me and that I still use to this day! This course consists of 5 mp3 downloads all specifically designed to allow your own unique abilities to bloom whatever way is perfect for you, to help you enter into your very own partnership with spirit.

Class One – Introduction to Hypnosis

Discussion: Different types of hypnosis covered in course, benefits of hypnosis, indicators of a hypnotic state, hypnosis vs meditation.

Practical: Directive hypnosis session to develop ESP.

Class Two – The Meadow, the Other Side, Connecting with Passed Loved Ones and Spirit Guides

Discussion: Exploring spirit communication, psychic self-protection/energetic clarity, how messages are received, the importance of self awareness, the role of imagination, our relationships with passed loved ones, spirit guides, helper guides, the bench.

Practical: Non-directive hypnosis session to visit the meadow and other side to connect with passed loved ones and/or spirit guides.

Class Three – Working With the Angels

Discussion: What angels are, their role with us, recognizing and working with angel energy, using your body to discern whether you are connecting with an angel, common angel signs, why asking for help is important, tuning in and adjusting levels, incorporating angels into your everyday life.

Practical One: Hypnosis session to connect with angel of your choice by having them come to you.

Practical Two: Hypnosis session to connect with angel of your choice by going to them.

Class Four – Ascended Masters

Discussion: Astral projection, working with ascended masters, recognizing unique energies of different beings, how to self hypnotize.

Practical One: Hypnosis astral projection exercise

Practical Two: Self hypnosis session to connect with ascended master.

Class Five – Putting it All Together

Discussion: Troubleshooting tips and tricks, the importance of gratitude, practice and patience, finding alignment and best working level, getting creative and using the help available to you, the importance of trust and flow, mindful speak and using discernment, remembering to ask, appropriately sharing messages, healthy boundaries, practice, making it your own and having fun!

Practical: Group hypnosis session to celebrate all the connections made throughout the course.

Please note: While hypnosis is considered a very safe modality for most people, it is not recommended for those who suffer from epilepsy.

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level?  This course was channeled by Archangel Gabriel to help you do just that!  Receive all 5 mp3’s for only $149 USD.  To register fill out the form below or email