shining light beam trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday October 9, 2017

Dear Ones, a very effective technique to make new connections in your lives is to meditate and create from the ethers. Let us suppose you wish to draw more clients for your business. Simply imagine yourself going up into space and then shining brightly, as if you are turning on your service light for all to see. As you stay there and allow your light and offerings to broadcast like an energetic beacon, you will notice other little lights turn on in response, like twinkling stars. Those are the people who have now connected to you and what you do […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 3, 2016

When you decide that you are going to create the life of your dreams, a very interesting thing happens. Your soul sends out a clarion call to your dreams, and your dreams call out to you as well, creating a magnetic pull that can only culminate in the completion of co-creation that honours your truest desires. The activator for all of this is your decision to live beyond what you have experienced thus far, and your willingness to accept that it, or something even greater, can become your reality. ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 12, 2015

Do you doubt you can find love? Let us assure you that the universe is very adept at lining up people, especially if they are in an open state of surrender and flow. Fill yourself up with love until it is overflowing and know that will make you an irresistible beacon to love. To do so turns on your light of availability to your divine other! Know your beloved will respond to that clarion call. Make room in your life for love, embody love, and love will surely come. ~Archangel Gabriel

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