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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 14, 2017

Dear Ones, there is so much more purpose and meaning to the things you experience in your lives than you realize. It may not feel like it at times, but rest assured all movement is forward movement. Everything exists to serve you, your life expression, humanity, and the planet, even if you are not able to see exactly how at the moment. So trust. Know you are an integral part of a much bigger system than you cannot be fully aware of from your vantage point. There is divine co-creation going on all the time. The universe only moves one […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 28, 2017

Dear Ones, everything you could ever imagine exists in the universe. The solutions to your biggest challenges and your wildest dreams and beyond all exist energetically in the pool of Source energy that is All That Is. You may not know how to get to those solutions from your vantage point as a human being in the body. But your highest self, along with your guides and helpers, know exactly how to get into a flow that will take you directly there with the greatest ease possible. This is why surrender is such a powerful co-creational tool for you. Surrendering […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday August 25, 2017

So many human beings ask us, “Tell me what I should do.” Dear Ones, when you blindly follow the advice of another, you are abdicating your power. And you are on the planet to discover, experience, and embrace your authentic power. Being in the body is being in the realm of experience and free will, which is sacred above all else. It is through your free will that you grow and expand and serve the whole through your own unique preferences. We encourage you to pause on the question, “What should I do?” and instead ask yourself, “What feels right […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday July 30, 2017

The most powerful way to create is through essence. When you hold the intention of the core of your creation, you open yourselves up to many more options and matches that the universe can deliver to you. Sometimes, when you get too detailed with what you wish to create, you unknowingly create constraints because there is a much better match trying to make its way to you that you are not in acceptance of. The true joy of co-creation is allowing your team to surprise and delight you with the full potentials you simply cannot be aware of from your […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday July 3, 2017

If you wish to make a change in your life, surrender into that new way of being and then start doing whatever you can do in each right now moment to support that change. Surrendering activates your team of helpers and opens you up to new potentials and possibilities. Making choices that support that change keep you in a state of cooperation and creation and also start to anchor the energy of what it is you desire. Both surrendering and taking whatever action may be available to you continue to support your intention. As always, Dear Ones, it does not […]

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