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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 10, 2017

Dear Ones, what if you consciously released the fear of success, and the fear of failure, and decided instead to create for yourselves the exact experiences you wish to have that would unfold perfectly for your comfort and satisfaction? So many of you are so focused on what could go wrong, that you forget to choose what can go right. Trust in your own divine capability to create and the universe’s desire to serve and delight you. Flow. Give feedback through your gratitude. Sort the energies by your focus, understanding that where you place your attention is what you are […]

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 3, 2017

In older energies you were taught to be on high alert for what was unwanted. This resulted in the automatic judgment of others, which created perpetual rejection and separation between you and others. This was very much a conditioned behaviour, passed down from relatives who were raised in much different times. Dear Ones, we encourage you to become aware of that old habit and to, with your awareness, change your focus. Why not start to look for the positive aspects of the people you see? Why not look for things that are the same, that connect you, that you can […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 2, 2017

Gratitude is a state of non-resistance. Since resistance is what causes discomfort, you can see that not only is gratitude a creational tool, and a way to give feedback to the universe, it is also a means of moving into greater comfort for yourself. Why not try it? The next time you are feeling uncomfortable, take a moment to notice all the things that are working in your life and be grateful for them. You will instantly notice a shift in your energy into an energetic space where positive forward movement can occur, which will very quickly bring you the […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 24, 2017

Your soul is always seeking expansion. This is why you cannot stay in a state of resistance comfortably for any length of time. Do you know what the greatest expander is? Love. Dear Ones, allow that thought to settle in. If you are afraid of love you may choose separation in a desire to keep yourself safe. But as a being of love, you will be acting contrary to how your soul seeks to express itself, which will create discomfort. You will, in fact, be denying who you are and ultimately experience the pain of resistance and constriction. It is […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 10, 2017

If you woke up every single day and surrendered to having the best day possible, it would take any second guessing out of your lives. You would know that everything that happened was divinely perfect, and it would allow you to experience acceptance in your life like never before. As acceptance is the by-product of faith and trust, and the anti-dote to resistance, you would experience far more comfort and peace on a daily basis than ever before. Why not give it a try? Why not commit to surrendering into your highest life expression every day for the next 21 […]

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