laughing man on mountain top trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Sunday October 8, 2017

There is a pervasive belief that having fun is frivolous or should come last in your life. Dear Ones, nothing could be further from the truth! Having fun is a high vibrational means of self expression. It is an activity that is light, present, joyful, and filled with gratitude – all enlightened traits! The laughter that comes with fun is also an incredibly efficient means of energetic release and transmutation, which only serves you and the planet. Having fun is an underdeveloped skill in a great many enlightening human beings. We want you to understand it is safe for you […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday April 16, 2017

There is always an influx of Christed energies during your Easter holiday. This is a high vibrational energy that is available for you to open up and receive. Regardless of your belief system, this energy is present for you to harness to soothe, heal, and support you moving forward on your own ascension journey. All that is required is simply taking a moment to still yourself, open up, and intend to receive the energetic gifts of the day. A moment of heartfelt gratitude will then claim and integrate them as your own. ~Archangel Gabriel

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