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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 8, 2017

There is a pervasive belief that having fun is frivolous or should come last in your life. Dear Ones, nothing could be further from the truth! Having fun is a high vibrational means of self expression. It is an activity that is light, present, joyful, and filled with gratitude – all enlightened traits! The laughter that comes with fun is also an incredibly efficient means of energetic release and transmutation, which only serves you and the planet. Having fun is an underdeveloped skill in a great many enlightening human beings. We want you to understand it is safe for you […]

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday July 28, 2015

Joy and laughter are high vibrating energies that shift you into a higher vibrational space which allows for healing, release and the transmuting of lower vibrational energies. This is why we urge you to start to become joy detectives! Look for the things that bring you joy in your life. If you aren’t quite sure, become a joy detective and discover what does. As you begin to place your focus on finding joy, you will begin to find it, and will start infusing your life with laugher and delight. As you start to spend more and more time in laughter […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday October 8, 2012

We often advise people to follow the path of joy, but sadly, many humans do not even know what brings them joy anymore. They have become so exhausted with the pressure of day to day life they have forgotten how to have fun. How do you figure out how brings you joy? You try lots of different things! Make laughter a priority in your life! Laughter cleanses your body and makes your cells sing and allows your light to shine. Be silly! Take your inner child out to play! Have fun with that innocence in the Now moment. See the […]

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