shining light beam trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday October 9, 2017

Dear Ones, a very effective technique to make new connections in your lives is to meditate and create from the ethers. Let us suppose you wish to draw more clients for your business. Simply imagine yourself going up into space and then shining brightly, as if you are turning on your service light for all to see. As you stay there and allow your light and offerings to broadcast like an energetic beacon, you will notice other little lights turn on in response, like twinkling stars. Those are the people who have now connected to you and what you do […]

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Daily Message ~ Saturday December 3, 2016

Being of service allows you to experience your highest expression of self, which will always, always bring you joy. Your service does not need to be grandiose to make a difference. It can be powerfully expressed in the simplest ways, by intending to be of service however those opportunities may present themselves to you, and also allowing others the joy of serving you. If you understand that it brings you joy to give, receiving from another is also an act of service, for it allows them to experience their highest expression of self, as well. Do you see? By embracing […]

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