Daily Message ~ Saturday October 7, 2017

A great many human beings came onto the planet with a service contract. They understood that ascension was a true potential on the planet, and as many of them had experienced when it had been attempted before, both on your and other planets, and was not successful, they approached this lifetime with a deep seriousness of purpose. They had the traits of diligence, hyper awareness, perfectionism, commitment, and tenacity. For many, this was coupled with the old energies of martyred service. They were absolutely committed to being successful this time around. Now that the ascension process is well on its […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 5, 2017

Dear Ones, as you move forward energetically and start to navigate as pioneers in brand new energies, we cannot stress enough the importance of surrendered intention as your new navigational tool. You do not need to know all the details of how things come together, for creating in the new is not done by the mind, it is led by the soul. All you need to know is what you wish to experience next, how you wish to express yourself, and what will bring you joy. As empowered co-creators, all you must do is choose your intention and then surrender […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 29, 2017

We understand that you have been shifting at an unprecedented rate and the sheer magnitude of the releasing and integration you are under can seem overwhelming at times. Let us reassure you, you are ready and more than able to do this! The fact that you are on the planet assimilating and driving these shifts is testimony to the amount of work that has been done both individually and collectively. It is proof positive that the shift is occurring, and that your hard work is creating change. While your body knows exactly what to do, it is your mind that […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 14, 2017

If navigating your life feels somewhat different now, it is because you have moved beyond predestination to creation. Let us explain what this means. For the first phase of your incarnation you had a great many things you wished to accomplish and experience. You might consider it to be your soul’s to-do list. You had soul contracts to honour, karma to balance, healing to be done, and ways you wished to express yourself. It was all carefully pre-planned to prepare you to move into your authentic power and discover who you really are. That phase, for many of you, is […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 7, 2017

So many human beings are living lives that are a fraction of what is available to them. There are several reasons for this. As children, most of you were conditioned to be careful, to not be reckless, to play it safe, to settle in and be satisfied with what was known. You were taught the pervasive belief your parents had, which was the known was safe, where the unknown was unsafe. This is exactly how limiting belief systems occur – they are passed on from generation to generation until pioneering souls push the boundaries and new possibilities are discovered and […]

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