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Daily Message ~ Friday September 29, 2017

We understand that you have been shifting at an unprecedented rate and the sheer magnitude of the releasing and integration you are under can seem overwhelming at times. Let us reassure you, you are ready and more than able to do this! The fact that you are on the planet assimilating and driving these shifts is testimony to the amount of work that has been done both individually and collectively. It is proof positive that the shift is occurring, and that your hard work is creating change. While your body knows exactly what to do, it is your mind that […]

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Daily Message ~ Monday September 25, 2017

The universe is continually adjusting to match your intentions and desires. Have you ever had a thought of a small, random thing you would like and had it show up for you out of the blue, as if by magic? The reason it happened so quickly and easily was because there was absolutely no resistance toward it, which allowed it to manifest for you with complete ease and efficiency. True surrender is the grease to your manifestations. If things are coming together with ease, you know you are in a beautiful, completely non-resistant flow of creation. If it seems things […]

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 13, 2017

Please understand you continue to be on the receiving end of unprecedented energies. It is a complex process as your body integrates these energies. It is a far easier process if you create the ideal conditions for you to do so. This means making time to be still, to rest, to align, to give your body what it is asking for, to trust in your own wisdom to navigate this all seamlessly, and to know the universe is assisting you in all of it. You have had so much practice releasing and integrating energies over the past few years, you […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 8, 2017

Dear Ones, there are energetic shifts that occur that may affect you in different ways. Some are energizing, and make sleeping difficult. Some energies require you to be very still but awake in order to integrate. Some require you to be in a deep sleep so you are most out of your own way in order to receive it. But all of the energies you receive are for your growth and expansion. There are some things you can do to assist you in the process. The first is listen to your body. It has an innate intelligence that always knows […]

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Etherically Speaking ~ Wednesday August 23, 2017

Like everyone else, I’ve been watching the eclipse and its accompanying energies with curiosity. I really didn’t have any preconceived ideas about it. I’ve been just staying open and observing. I did experience a few washes of cool energy which I identify as Christed energy during the eclipse (I was indoors and not in the path of totality so it wasn’t due to the drop of temperature). But other than that, it felt like any other day. Yesterday I just felt like being still and not doing much. I noticed during a reading that I was receiving the information but […]

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