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Daily Message ~ Monday October 9, 2017

Dear Ones, a very effective technique to make new connections in your lives is to meditate and create from the ethers. Let us suppose you wish to draw more clients for your business. Simply imagine yourself going up into space and then shining brightly, as if you are turning on your service light for all to see. As you stay there and allow your light and offerings to broadcast like an energetic beacon, you will notice other little lights turn on in response, like twinkling stars. Those are the people who have now connected to you and what you do […]

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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 24, 2017

Your soul is always seeking expansion. This is why you cannot stay in a state of resistance comfortably for any length of time. Do you know what the greatest expander is? Love. Dear Ones, allow that thought to settle in. If you are afraid of love you may choose separation in a desire to keep yourself safe. But as a being of love, you will be acting contrary to how your soul seeks to express itself, which will create discomfort. You will, in fact, be denying who you are and ultimately experience the pain of resistance and constriction. It is […]

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 21, 2017

One of the greatest gifts you can give is creating a safe space for growth and connection that contains acceptance, nurturing, and encouragement. Many of you are aware of this and are diligently working on providing that for others, as well as your planet. Are you remembering to lovingly and patiently give those same supports to yourself? ~Archangel Gabriel

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Daily Message ~ Thursday September 14, 2017

If navigating your life feels somewhat different now, it is because you have moved beyond predestination to creation. Let us explain what this means. For the first phase of your incarnation you had a great many things you wished to accomplish and experience. You might consider it to be your soul’s to-do list. You had soul contracts to honour, karma to balance, healing to be done, and ways you wished to express yourself. It was all carefully pre-planned to prepare you to move into your authentic power and discover who you really are. That phase, for many of you, is […]

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Daily Message ~ Friday September 8, 2017

Dear Ones, there are energetic shifts that occur that may affect you in different ways. Some are energizing, and make sleeping difficult. Some energies require you to be very still but awake in order to integrate. Some require you to be in a deep sleep so you are most out of your own way in order to receive it. But all of the energies you receive are for your growth and expansion. There are some things you can do to assist you in the process. The first is listen to your body. It has an innate intelligence that always knows […]

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