2019 ~ Exploring Your Sovereignty

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be connecting with you today. We wish to commend you for all you have accomplished having moved through the profound and transformative year of 2018.

And what a year it was! As the year of emerging sovereignty, any way you had previously given away your power came to the forefront, both individually and collectively. You released and reviewed with ever increasing skill, diligently wrapping up the first phase of your incarnation with the examination of old themes, successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses, in ways that were necessary to pave the way for the new energies of your next phase.

Many of you have been yearning for forward movement. That is simply a sign that your soul is prepared and ready for the next phase of your divine mission and has been waiting for the perfect timing to support you in that next expression of self.

And now here you are, stepping firmly into that next, very different phase. What you will quickly discover is that everything you have lived in that first part of your incarnation will start to feel quite removed, much like a past life. In many ways it is! You will bring forth your discoveries, your clarity, your much more embodied selves, stepping forward from the slow energies of review into the much faster energies of creation. And that is what you will do in this new year, Dear Ones, create like never before in brand new ways that match your latest level of attainment and your most heartfelt desires!

Many of you were exhausted from the magnitude of the work you had done in 2018. Do not let the energies of the eclipses in January trick you into thinking 2019 will be more of the same. It will not. While some universal themes will continue for the empowerment of all, the energies will be supporting forward movement and creation rather than slowing you down for thorough review.

Our best advice is to stay present, understand you are in unprecedented energies that are ripe with potential and possibility, and resist the urge to let your fear and fatigue paint your new year with the brush of the old. It is common to not have a true feel for the energies of any given year until the balance point of the first equinox.

We wish to cover some of the energetic themes of this new year of creation. First and foremost will be learning to get comfortable in your sovereignty. More and more you will be leading yourself from within, honouring your own unique path, soul mission, preferences, and divine capability.

You will be learning to honour your desires and interests and to embrace the idea that you can be in joyful, supported service rather than the martyred service paradigms of old. You will be discovering new gifts, new capabilities based on the incredible amount of inner work and shifting you have done. You will develop a greater trust in yourself and your abilities to create. You will embody a more balanced love for yourself and others than ever before, which will open up so many more experiences in your interactions with others.

Power – what it is, what it isn’t, and how you wish to embody it, will continue to be a main theme. Ways that people give away their power will continue to have the spotlight, be it through authoritarian leaders, not being authentic, avoiding growth or healing, old disempowering spiritual or personal beliefs, not assuming responsibility for self, hanging on to victim or separation consciousness, or any other form of avoidance.

Addictions will be a prevalent theme as will be new more effective ways of evolving beyond them. A more empowered model of health and wellness in general will also be a focus, along with the need for a more satisfying work/life balance. Freedom in its many forms is seeking greater expression.

Many of you will discover you’ve had healing that is both subtle and profound. Due to that many of you will find it easier to hold an observational space, noting what is being supported and what is not, as things play out on a world stage and with others around you.

This does not mean you will not step in to assist, but rather, that you can hold the space in a way that is far more balanced and accepting than ever before. You will know when you are guided to be of service in more active ways, and when your beingness is enough.

From that observational space you will also notice a diminishment in judgment, both against yourselves and others. You will be able to shift your judgment from others being wrong, to simply acknowledging you would choose to do things in a different way. There will be much more acceptance that there is room for many varied ways of doing things, and rather than that being wrong, seeing it as a way that can serve the whole and each individual’s life path.

Judgment was an energy that was very strong in the first phase of your incarnation. Part of that was due to many of you coming onto the planet with service contracts to support ascension. Since many of you have already had the experience of ascension being a possibility and failing, there was a great seriousness about your service and passionately feeling the need for everyone to be on board with growth. This created hyper vigilance and critical focus on your own enlightenment journey as well as what others were doing.

Since the shift is well underway, that charge will now diminish. You will ease up on your own expectations of yourself and others. You will understand that you have met the first phase of your mission and you can now shift into preference and self expression, and honour those choices in others.

Further, you will begin moving out of the judgments and pressures of good/bad, right/wrong, success/failure into honouring the value of experience as simply a means of self definition and ultimately expansion. Rather than the labels and judgements of light/shadow, you will simply start to see things through the lens of whether they support connection or separation.

You will come to know more and more that when things are viewed solely through the mind they support judgment, and when viewed from the heart they hold acceptance. The releasement of judgment in general will support much more freedom and self permission to explore and experience as empowered co-creators.

On the topic of connection, many, many, enlightening human beings had stepped back from having relationships into a period of solitude. We consider this to have been a necessary phase, to review and release how you have handled or experienced relationships in the past. You might consider this a time of debriefing from 3D relationships of all kinds.

You will be happy to know that many of you will be stepping back into the light from this cave of self imposed isolation, ready to experience relationships in new, more supportive, connected, and higher vibrational ways. Because of this, there will be more and more people moving into the alignment of creating intersections with their twinflames or deep soul connections.

Many enlightening human beings will find their soul contracts changing. This may involve a complete change of service, a change of locale, a change of your cast of characters, or all of the above. This is wonderful news! This means you have done such a good job in your previous service that you have completed that phase. It also is cause for celebration because it means others from the next wave of awakening are ready to step into the vacancies you will create in order to step into their service. Again, the focus is on lighter, joyful service, rather than the heavy lifting of the past.

For those of you in service who support others who are awakening, you may find your clients’ challenges changing. For many in 2018 the greatest discomfort was feeling blocked or limited forward movement in their desired creations. In 2019 because forward movement and creation is being supported, many will be suddenly moving forward at a rapid pace, which can be disorienting and comes with its own unique set of challenges.

The Divine Combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust as the new, supported operating system of the empowered co-creator will be key to people moving forward with the most comfort possible. You will see rapid change and awakening happening more and more over the next few years, due in part to the efforts of the trail blazers and wayshowers who created the paths and supports, as well as much more supportive energies for that forward movement.

Trust, which is the anchor of the Divine Combination and often the element people find most difficult, will come to the forefront to be strengthened and deepened. You will begin to see the power of trust, in yourselves, your growth, the universe, your soul, others, and a system that every single person has access to. You will understand that trust is what allows the full potential of every situation to unfold, and as such, will begin to embrace it and its transformational abilities.

A great many of you will be moving forward on your divine mission in a more tangible way than ever before. There will generally be more comfort and ease, due to the change of the underlying theme shifting from review to creation. You will still experience some pockets of density, however, since you are on an evolving planet with a collective that is still at many different stages of awakening.

If you stay present, have faith in your skill at working with energy that you have developed over the past few years, and remember to apply what you know, you will embody who you really are with far more grace and ease than ever before. The profound shift for for those of you who are empaths is understanding that you are sovereign beings and in charge of your energetics, and as such you can choose to be a bringer of energy rather than a catcher of energy, which will greatly improve being comfortable in your sensitivities.

One of the funnest aspects of this new year of creation will be discovering your new gifts and capabilities. Give yourselves permission to play, to expand, to explore, to try many new things, and follow your beautiful hearts and what brings you joy. As you will be naturally shifting in and out of ever higher vibrating energies, you will experience instant confirmations and instant manifestations more frequently. This gives you a chance to see the change in the energies in a tangible way and the encouragement to further hone your mastery of thought and focus.

Trust that your beingness IS service. Allow your mastery to take the lead and shine brightly. Know if you try something and you don’t like it you can try again. Discover your passions and water and grow them, knowing that is part of what you are on the planet to do! You might be surprised to discover your greatest dream was a mere stepping stone to an even bigger potential you couldn’t have imagined. So allow the unfoldment with faith and trust, wonder and anticipation, knowing each step unlocks new potentials and possibilities. You are all doing such a magnificent job!

You are going to finally start to enjoy the fruits of your labour. This is a pivotal year of self discovery and exploring your sovereignty as co-creators that will create the bridge between who your mind thought you were into who your heart knows you are in preparation of the year 20/20, the year of clarity and perfect vision. We cannot wait to see what you will experience and create as you go. And with that we will bid you adieu. It has been, and continues to be, our greatest pleasure to walk this path with you.

~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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