balanced waves trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Saturday March 23, 2019

A great many human beings are in the process of exploring healthy boundaries. Many of you have been raised in situations where boundaries were not honoured and in your desire to correct that have gone to the extreme in the other direction, where your boundaries have become quite rigid.

Your boundaries do not need to be on either end of the spectrum, Dear Ones!  The vast majority of situations find balance somewhere between the extremes, where you can use your wisdom and competency to make decisions based on the reality of each now moment.

From a space of balance and inclusion, look for solutions in the middle, that can honour the needs of everyone involved. When you truly embrace your energetic sovereignty, you will see that no one can invade your space without your express permission, and from there you will feel much safer to move into a flow of connection that is empowering for everyone involved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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