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Daily Message ~ Monday December 30, 2019

Many of you have issues with the word power. This is due to your many, many incarnations exploring power, which will include lifetimes where you have had power and used it inappropriately, had power and tried to use it appropriately and it didn’t work out well for you or for others, or had it misused against you. The major theme that will continue into 2020 and beyond is the further exploration of power – what it is, what it isn’t, and how to navigate through your own authentic power.

If you are still not comfortable with assuming power for yourself or exploring power issues, we urge you to find a substitute word you are non-resistant to. The word we will suggest today is the word alignment.

There is an inherent belief that power is separating. If you replace the word power with the word alignment, you release that. It takes you out of the idea that someone is somehow better than another because you understand that alignment is a personal thing. Feel into the difference between saying someone is really powerful and saying they are very aligned. Can you see?

Further you can embrace your authentic power effortlessly by simply supporting your own alignment because that is always your personal power base where you recharge, have the most support, and make the best decisions for yourself moving forward.

The same it goes with others. The more they are aligned with their truth and authenticity, the safer they are and the more qualified they are to make decisions that affect others.

It does not need to be complicated or complex, Dear Ones. Lovingly guide yourself forward in ways that best express who you are and that move you beyond resistance. If there is a word or a concept you have trouble embracing, simply find another that holds the essence of what you do wish to embody and know that is the perfect energetic match to allow you to move forward in the ways that best support you and your beingness. The rest will fall into place naturally. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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As always, I am so honoured and grateful to be part of this amazing journey with you. I can’t wait to see what the new year, and new decade brings! Sending you much love and gratitude in these amazing times and wishing you a beautiful holiday season filled with love, blessings, and joy. xo


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