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Daily Message ~ Sunday January 19, 2020

Energetic shifting is a process that simply can’t be rushed whether it is individual or deepening into a soul connection relationship. It is an integration that must be honoured and allowed to move at its own divinely perfect pace of unfoldment.

This can be hard for some of you to accept because you have been goal oriented for so long, looking for clear beginnings and endings, or perhaps thinking you will arrive somewhere and be done. But your enlightenment process, however it is occurring for you, is one of continual expansion and openings to know yourselves in new, ever evolving ways.

It is never complete. Your true nature, along with that of the universe, is continual movement and evolution. What this means is that there is no point when you are done. In fact, trying to stay static will just result in dissatisfaction and discomfort. Your soul is always seeking to expand into new states of being to then explore and create from. It is how you discover your true essence and highest potentials.

From this viewpoint, you can start to see that every single step, every integration, is equally important. Many of you think you must reach a level of attainment or union in order to truly be of service, but what we want you to understand is that each expansion and integration is vitally important to both you and the whole. Your growth is your service, every single step of the way.

So settle into your journey. Wonder at the divine intelligence and purpose of your unfoldment, honouring each now moment and discovery as what is driving the shift, both individually and collectively. It is all beautiful service because every time you come Home to a deeper knowing of yourself you anchor the energies that support the whole and lead through your beingness. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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