Daily Message ~ Tuesday October 13, 2020

We understand it can feel very discouraging when the world seems to be going in a direction that is quite the opposite of the new earth you wish to create and experience.

What we wish for you to understand is that you will often experience backward movement as a precursor of a profound surge forward. You might think of how pulling the string backwards on a bow is preparation to the accelerated forward movement of the arrow. It seems contrary to pull the arrow in the opposite direction of where you wish it to go, yet the tension created by the backward movement is exactly what creates the build up of energy needed to catapult things forward.

This applies to the times you are in. Keep your eye on the target. Understand the process and believe in where your soul is calling you and what you know to be true. It is the accumulation of the energy from the breakdown of the old that will launch your forward movement into the new. It is from this viewpoint you can keep your balance and see that you are on the cusp of great change. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Holly Update: I have wonderful news! Yesterday’s appointment went amazing. Her ultrasound was clear, her numbers are holding, and we can now start to wean her off the treatments. The vet has declared her to be in remission! I cannot tell you how relieved and grateful I am. I have no doubt that all the prayers, love, healing, and well wishes you have sent have made the difference. I’m also so, so grateful to all of you who have booked sessions, bought courses, or donated because you made it possible for me to provide the care my sweet little girl needed. Bless every single one of you for being the love! I’m truly moved and honoured to be part of such an amazing community of beautiful souls.

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