Daily Message ~ Thursday November 5, 2020

A great many enlightening human beings find their way to their spiritual path through the dark night of the soul. The most chaotic, dark places always become too uncomfortable to stay in for a sustained period of time, and when it becomes clear that it is too painful to stay the same, the door opens for great and empowered change.

The dark night of the soul can occur not just for humans but for countries and collectives, as well. While very challenging, such times serve the purpose of being a springboard for profound change and accelerated forward movement. It creates the opportunity for course correction and the discovery of the new. It is at the point when it becomes clear things cannot stay the same, the path of real change will be embraced.

So honour your feelings and centre deep into what you know to be divinely true and right, Dear Ones. Allow your heart and your inner wisdom to beckon you forward by being the change, being the love, being the pioneers, being the anchors of peace you are on the planet to be. It is the collective efforts of those who redirect time and again into who they really are that will create the wave you seek into the new. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Shelley’s Note: My goodness, we are in some intense times! I hope you are hanging in there and practicing good self care. I will be on Beyond The Ordinary tonight with John Burgos where we will be discussing Making Room For Miracles. Gabriel always chooses the topic months in advance of a show, and it feels like such timely topic for where we are right now. And instead of a voice call, we will be connecting via zoom for the very first time! I know Gabriel is planning on doing a live channel as well as a little meditation so I hope you will join us for some soul soothing energy. And I’ll be taking questions from the audience, too! You can sign up here: www.beyondtheordinaryshow.com I’m sending you gentle hugs and wrapping you up with blankets of love during these challenging times. xo


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