Daily Message ~ Thursday November 19, 2020

In your dedication to become all you can be, have you fallen into the trap of constantly looking for what is wrong with you? Dear Ones, you cannot berate yourselves into enlightenment. It simply will not work because you cannot grow from a place of resistance to yourself.

Further, any wounded aspects of self will interpret that negative focus as a constant threat of impending rejection or abandonment, which will keep those wounds very active and triggered.

Resistance is a state of contraction, healing is a space of expansion. Self improvement is a wonderful goal but true growth best occurs from a space of safety, acceptance, consistency, unconditional love, and encouragement.

Isn’t it time you provide the safe and nurturing space you need to truly thrive? For that is exactly what creates the perfect environment for growth, healing, and your evolution. And the beautiful thing is, once you have created that within, you will be much better able to provide that loving space for others, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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