Daily Message ~ Sunday May 2, 2021

There’s a tendency in energetically sensitive human beings to not want to be fully in their bodies. This can be due to a desire to connect with the higher realms and also due to a fear of being overwhelmed by feeling or some of the denser energies that exist on the planet.

But what we wish to point out here is that you are in the process of embodiment. That means anchoring more and more of your soul self into your physical body and using that as both your gift and your experience on earth.

The more you allow that energy to be integrated into your physical beingness, the more you will find it easier to not be affected by lower energies. You will be a bringer of energy, not a catcher of energy. You will be honouring your soul mission to have a spiritual experience in human form.

Your body is the most remarkable tool. It is your ascension vehicle! Make friends with your body. Get into your body with all your senses, not just your psychic senses. Breathe in and feel the oxygen sustain your body. Smell the air. Feel the sun on your skin. Use your eyes to find the beauty and wonder that exists all around you. Hear the birds and the whispers of the wind. Take the time to really taste your food and water and to feel how they sustain you. Feel the joy of movement.

You cannot reject being in the body and support your embodiment process at the same time, Dear Ones. Your bodies are working tirelessly to support you and your success. It is safe for you to allow yourselves to have the full experience of being in your body, for that is exactly what you are on the planet to do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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