aurora trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Monday March 14, 2022

If someone else’s success has made you feel bad about yourself, you are misinterpreting what is playing out for you. Your soul is making you aware of what is possible for you and bringing examples of it into your awareness for you to create your own unique version of it. It is not to make you feel lack, but rather an attempt to lead you forward into a more satisfying experience.

Celebrate other people’s successes because not only have they done some wonderful creating and are showing the way, they are also doing the service of making you aware that your own success is drawing nearer and nearer to you, too. The energy of success wouldn’t be so close to you if it were not so! We highly recommend you allow them to inspire you, join them in their happiness, and get curious about what your soul is trying to lead you to discover that will be the perfect match for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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