A Time For Rest Channeled Sept 15/09

We can’t help but notice a bone weariness that has settled upon those who have been working their commitment to spirit quite diligently. We must stress that your call to rest must be honored. In your humanness we hear many references to laziness. Humans are allowing themselves to feel stupid or less than in many ways. What you are not seeing as part of the grander picture is this rest period has been written in – it has been created because it is a vital pause in the road, if you will, to prepare for upcoming events. Most of you are sensitive enough to feel when your souls and bodies are fatigued and require rest. Yet, for some reason, you still allow your lower selves or your minds to sabotage what is meant to be a well deserved break of rest and rejuvenation. Rest assured, if you were meant to be in forward movement, your guides would be sweeping you forward with the greatest of ease. The fact that many obstacles have been appearing in the way of your desired creations, simply is a sign that now is not the right time. It’s really quite simple but we can always trust that the human brain will attempt to make things far more complicated than they really are.
Have you not noticed in the energies of late that some days, despite your most noble efforts, nothing manages to get done? And yet other days, with the slightest of efforts, you could almost move mountains – so much gets accomplished in one day, it hardly seems possible. You have all experienced what supportive energy and rest energy feels like. Yet for some reason, you still continue to berate yourself for a lack of accomplishments during what has been designated a rest period. It rather defeats the purpose, does it not? We all understand that we are in a preparation period for many events that are about to unfold.
Think of yourself as a spiritual athlete that is about to run a triathalon. In preparation of such an event, it would make sense to honor the needs of the self and support it with plenty of rest, good food, and mental preparation. That would be getting clear about what you are about to go through and your desired result. It would not make much sense for such an athelete to deny himself rest, nutrition and the focus required for his task. Where you are right now is no different than that. So we urge you to honor yourselves, immerse yourself in whatever feels good at the moment, and again, be thankful that you are being given a rest period after much hard work. Believe us when we say that there is a time coming soon when you will all be busily moving back into action with new creations that match the new energies. This is all we have for you today.

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