Archangel Gabriel

Acceptance, Allowing and the Easter Energies ~ Channeled April 19, 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. We honour you for taking the time to anchor the energies of the group, and of course, when we say group we mean not only those who were present for this transmission, but also those who will be enjoying it on your internet at a later time.

We invite you to take a deep breath in and exhale. And take another deep breath in and exhale. With your intention, allow anything that is lower vibrating that you have been experiencing due to these very choppy, very accelerated and intense energies to leave you, once and for all, in a very beautiful, enjoyable, and gentle way. Let go of any stress, any resistance, any old memories of pain. There is lots of old stuff coming up, lots of awareness of old wounds. That’s not who you are today, that’s energy that is trying to leave, so allow it to go, feeling your energy lighten with each little piece, each little chunk that is leaving you. Actively release the energy of doubt. Actively release the energy of fear. Actively release the energy of hurt. Actively release the energy of shame.

This is a very big theme right now. Lots of people are having old shame energy coming up right now and there is a very powerful reason for that, Dear Ones. Shame is one of the lowest vibrating energies that a human being can hold, and for most of you, as people have tried to control you in your earlier years they did it through the energies of shame and blame. Because they are such low vibrating energies, people tend to push them down deep because they don’t want to feel them. The gift of the energies of this month is releasing the energies of shame and blame.

When you release the energies of shame and blame, you have to understand that those are integral energies to victim consciousness. So these are the last vestiges of your victim consciousness coming up for release. Understand what is going on. Don’t look at them and try to tamp them down again, for they are trying to leave you. You cannot move forward to embrace your own divinity while dragging the baggage of shame and blame with you. You cannot. You must let it go. If you have had moments of tears over the last month, it is likely due to those energies coming up for release.

There has also been a large theme of the release of mourning energy, whether it is mourning for your own lost innocence, for what you consider your own wounded pieces, for your old past life expressions, or mourning due to loss. Loss of relationships, loss of freedom, loss of health or the loss of a beloved passed loved one who you just miss the physical presence of. Understand that mourning energy is also trying to leave.

You are now embodying templates that are designed to hold the energies of wholeness, health, wellness, completion, authentic power, your divinity. You cannot hold those energies and still hold onto being a victim in any way. We are here to assist you back into the glory of your own divinity and your own authentic power. This is what the entire universe is doing for you right now. It is powerful and it is delightful to behold.

We understand that today you are here to examine the energies of acceptance and allowing and we are so very excited to have you experience them today. So we would like you to take an observant viewpoint. Send yourself up so that you can see other people on their paths from a higher self viewpoint and see how each and every soul is exactly where they need to be. Whether they are exactly where they need to be in energies of discomfort to finally awaken or whether they are shining brightly, embracing their spiritual path, see how each and every person is exactly where they need to be. Fill yourselves with the knowingness that there is never a wrong place. There is never a wrong choice.

You see, you are caught up in the idea of being wrong because you fear judgment from a vengeful God who is keeping score and that simply does not exist. It is a carry over from old theology that says that you must toe the line or else. The entire universe only holds one thing for you, and that is unconditional love. There is nothing that any person on your planet could do that would result in losing our unconditional love. Unconditional love is just that – love without condition. It is your birthright and there is nothing that you can ever do to lose that. Ever.

So if you can allow that to settle into your BEingness, you can see there would be no point in you carrying forward judgment for others, or worse, judgment for yourself. We speak of acceptance and allowing for others, but it is also very important to use those same energies for yourself because you are equally important in those energies of unity consciousness and unconditional love.

You are on an ascending planet to anchor the energies of Home. You are creating heaven on earth. The heaven that exists for you, the energies of Home, are nothing but loving and supportive. You are anchoring those energies on your planet and you will do so by having unconditional love, acceptance, allowing, and unity consciousness for each and every person on your planet, as a piece of the mosaic of the divine.

So again from your higher vantage point as you look at each and every person on their path, do you see the guides and helpers that are so close with them? Do you see how the system works for each and every one of you? It is not a selective universe. It does not work for some and not for others. There is a consistency within the universe, a sameness, a predictability that you can always count on. Allow that to shift into your heart centers, Dear Ones, because that will allow you to experience greater trust.

It is always predictable and reliable. You have trouble with trust because you fear unpredictability. Unpredictability is something that humans have invented, Dear Ones, it is not an attribute of the universe. There is a steadiness, a consistency, there is predictable love and acceptance for all of you. There is a consistent honouring of each and every one of you in your divinity. Anything less is illusion.

Feel the overwhelming love that is there for each of you to tap into. Feel the unconditional love energy surround you. Fill yourself up! Overflow with it and then give it to others by demonstrating your acceptance and allowing of it all. You can all be powerful guides on earth by embracing your innate natures. It creates the energetic space for you to truly embrace being powerful creators on the planet.

Do not be afraid, do not stay attached to your old wounded stories, Dear Ones. You get to create who you are in each Now moment. You get to choose to be healed and whole, you get to embody your truth, you get to choose to be joyful. If you are feeling anything less than that, you are in resistance or illusion, you are not in alignment and flow. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable space, surrender again, it is that simple. And know that whenever you are having what you would consider to be a difficult time, those are the times that your guides gather closest .

Please look at that from your higher vantage point. Find a person who is having a difficult time and see how completely their guides come close and surround them and support them. It is up to you to accept the help, to accept the shift, to accept the beautiful resolution that is there for each and every possible problem you could perceive in your life. Anything less than perfection and wholeness is illusion. This is what you are starting to understand and this is what you are starting to embody and this is what makes what’s going on your planet right now the greatest show on earth. You are doing a magnificent job. Feel the oneness, feel the perfection of it all.

We would like to point out before we leave that you are in a portal of incredibly powerful energies over this sacred holiday weekend. There is a massive influx of Christed energy that happens during this holy weekend that so many observe. Accept and allow those energies to flood you and to bring you everything you could ever wish for yourself, everything you could ever wish for your planet. Bask in those golden Christed energies. Feel them wrap you up. Feel them permeate every single cell in your body, bringing beautiful health and resurrection in the form of rejuvenation. Resurrection in the form of moving you back into your divine blueprint of perfect health, wellness and wholeness in a way that you can consciously embrace and feel and allow to become your new state of Beingness. You are so loved. You are so, so loved. And that is what we wished to share with you today. As always, it has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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