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Ack! I totally forgot to mention this yesterday!

Yesterday I sent out an email about our Archangel Gabriel Q and A event that is happening on Wednesday November 29 at 6:30 eastern. I left out a big chunk of information that’s kind of important to let you know you have options about how to attend the channel if you were interested. (This is exactly why I don’t work weekends! lol)

All of my tier two members and tier three members of patreon get to attend the live Gabriel channels as part of their package. Tier 2 is $22.22 a month and tier 3 is $33.33 a month. You can cancel anytime. If you were wanting to attend the channel, you could sign up for tier two and save $11.11 and get the channel and current daily messages. For the same amount as just purchasing the channel, you can get the current daily messages, plus the channel, plus a monthly mp3 meditation or hypnosis session and 10% off all of my other services. If that interests you, you can sign up at

If you already purchased the single event and would like to switch over to patreon instead, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment for the event and you can sign up by joining patreon. If you are just wanting the single event, of course that is more than fine! You can sign up here:

I just wanted you to know you have options. However you decide to do it, I am looking forward to connecting with you! :)

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