Archangel Gabriel

All Movement is Forward Movement ~ Channeled August 30, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! It is I, Gabriel, and as always, we are so pleased and honored to be in your presence today. What a glorious time you are in on your planet, Dear Ones. Can you feel it? Do you know in your hearts what an honor it is to be a resident of Gaia during these amazing times? On a soul level you know. Your souls clambered for the opportunity to be in the body at this time. You were so excited you could barely wait to begin. And what your soul wanted so desperately to experience is the times that you are in today. You could not wait.

You could not wait to be a participant of the End Times or to be a creator of the New Earth. We understand as you are walking the earth in your humanness that this can be difficult to believe but believe us when we assure you that it is so. You are drawn to reading messages such as this one in your soul’s desire to remind you, and this is why they can feel so very reassuring to you.

You are in the throes of the End Times. You see it all around you. You feel the acceleration of energy. You feel the quickening of time and you also feel the desperation that many having a human experience are experiencing. We are here to remind you that all movement is forward movement. All is divinely perfect. There can be nothing wrong because you have all, each and every one of you, chosen this experience. And this is why we encourage you to stay in your highest alignment and to shine as the brilliant souls that you are, and to understand that you are in your highest service by embracing who you really are.

Make no mistake about it, you will see many people struggling. You, with your compassionate heart, may be tempted to jump in and “save them”, to fix them, to carry them. Dear Ones, we wish to remind you that this would be a great disservice to those who you love. Their souls are leading them to the exact experiences that they need to have, just as your souls are leading you. Allow. Allow them to be where they are, knowing that it is divinely perfect.

“But Gabriel”, you say, “They are making choices that will hurt them, that will bring them pain!” to which we reply, “Good!”
because we understand that the moment things become too painful is the moment they will move out of resistance and try something new.

You may perceive it as them moving backwards. We see it as them moving towards the point where they will finally accept true change. You can best assist by holding your highest light and teaching through your example.

You may see extreme weather events or seismic events, which bring about what you would consider to be catastrophe on your dear planet. As we have spoken of so many times before, Gaia is shifting and releasing. She is releasing what she simply cannot hold in order to become the New Earth. How can this be bad? Again, it is forward movement.

Dear Ones, do not try to block or prevent these events. Again, they are divinely perfect and an integral part of the process. Send love, assist with cleansing the areas if you like, but understand them as being necessary. A wonderful by-product of natural disasters on your planet is the incredible outpouring of love and compassion that is sent forth from humanity in response to these events, which further assists Gaia in holding the energy that is necessary for the birthing of the New Earth. It’s a wonderful dance between Gaia and her inhabitants that is awe-inspiring to observe. Allow it and honor it, in its incredible beauty.

You are creating the foundation for many generations to come. Allow it to shift into its new, solid and sturdy foundation. “But Gabriel”, you say, “so many souls are lost when these events occur!” And we say, celebrate those souls, congratulate them for the wonderful job that they have done. See them for the glorious souls they are, who decided to assist Gaia in their last great act of service before they transitioned. Know that they are fine and loved and honored for their courage and incredible contribution and know, also, that your relationship continues with them, if in a different form.

There may be many souls who have decided that they do not wish to experience the energy of the New Earth. It simply was not on their “to do” list for this lifetime. Again, this is a choice that was made on a soul level. It was made with much wisdom and higher guidance, and it was divinely perfect for them. So again, all movement is forward movement. They have graduated and their souls are off to experience their next grand adventure or perhaps they are cheering you on from above. It is a sacred and honored choice.

Dear Ones, as we move forward in the accelerated energies of the year 2011, we encourage you to practice accepting and allowing, not only for others and events, but most importantly for yourselves! See yourselves for the magnificent masters that you really are! Understand that BE-ing, when you are in your highest alignment, is being in your highest service.

Simply put, not allowing yourself to be distracted, embracing who you really are and applying what you know is the grandest expression of yourself you can ever have. Do not make it more complicated than it needs to be. If you can remember this, you will glide into the energies of ascension with beauty, ease and grace and you will be experiencing heaven on earth. We applaud you for the phenomenal job that you are doing, and know that you are all loved beyond measure. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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