Archangel Gabriel on COVID-19

Shelley’s Note:  Every year I receive a channel for the energetic themes of the year which I usually release at the beginning of January. This year I have not been able to release one yet. I kept feeling that I needed to know more, that the information wasn’t yet complete. I kept hearing Gabriel say that we really wouldn’t be able to fully feel into the energies of 2020 until we got to the equinox. Now with the Corona virus pandemic I understand why. So, in these unprecedented times, I am being guided to release this channel speaking on the times we are in right now, vs the overall theme of the year. 

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones, how pleased we are to be connecting with you today. We honour you for your kind and loving hearts, your mindfulness, your presence, and your continuous commitment to the shift on your planet.

We understand that the times you are in can seem turbulent and worrisome. We wish to offer you some guidance that we hope will help you navigate through these changing times with a greater understanding and broader perspective.

The first thing we wish for you to know is that you are doing a wonderful job. You have entered a new year and a new decade poised for transformation, and it is due to your diligence that that is exactly what is occurring. This virus is not a punishment. It is an opportunity for much growth, rebalancing, and change.

We wish to break things down for you according to what people may be experiencing. The prevalent initial energy is fear and/or powerlessness. Some people will move into fear immediately and stay there. Others may have an initial experience of fear, or moments of fear, and be able to move back into balance. How you respond will have much to do with how far along you are in your own empowerment process.

What we wish to impress upon you is to not make yourself, or others, wrong for their fear. Fear is a normal human response. If you push against the fear you will only create more resistance and discomfort within yourself, or further activate others. If you are feeling fear, sit with your fear. Acknowledge it. Reassure it. Thank it for loving you so much it wishes to keep you safe. Then lovingly take the reins from it as your own empowered parent and guide. If you berate yourself or others for fear, you will only make that aspect more afraid and more in need of reassurance. You wish to be a calming force for yourself, and for others.

The key here is to allow your inner wise one to take the lead. These are the times you have been preparing for. It is time to redirect back into your grounded, authentic power, time and again if necessary, as the empowered leader of your own life expression. This will allow you to respond rather than react. It is through calm, heart-based responses you make the best decisions that serve everyone involved.

Your intention is a powerful thing. You can disinfect your house from a place of fear and powerlessness, or you can disinfect your house from a space of health and empowerment. The energy you lead from is what sets the tone for future experiences. Making your wisest decisions, one now moment at a time is how you navigate with mastery.

Applying your tools and remembering what you know is how you have the opportunity to truly walk your talk, to embody your truth, and shift into the being phase of your incarnation. It is making the shift from talking about what you know to being your truth. 2020 is a year of embodiment, Dear Ones. All of the work you have been doing have prepared you to take this next step.

This does not mean that you need to be perfect, rather, that you accept both parts of yourself – the human, and the divine, as your own model of acceptance and unity consciousness, and honour the need for the expression of both as part of your desired experience as an enlightening human being on a shifting planet. It is gathering up all aspects of you, lovingly and cohesively, and shepherding them forward in your next highest expression of self. Every time you choose to redirect you have the joy of coming Home to yourself and continue to drive the shift on your planet.

There will be a multitude of experiences people will have depending on where they are in their own evolutionary process, and each will be divinely perfect for them. We will outline common types of experience you may see.

There will be people who leave the body from this virus. What we wish for you to understand is that every transition experience is agreed upon by the soul. It is an incredibly sacred and soul-based decision, just as your birth dates are. This is not to dismiss the incredible impact the passing of a loved one has on those who are left behind. While you may understand from a soul perspective that your loved one has changed form and the love between you continues, your human self will absolutely mourn the loss of having your loved one on the physical plane.  It is important to honour all of your emotions and feelings as part of your own grieving and healing process. The loss of a loved one often serves those left behind because it naturally opens people to question their beliefs, to seek, and expand or deepen their faith and belief systems.

Pandemics and epidemics offer people transition points, which some will take and some will not, but they always precede a time of great change on the planet. They offer many people a chance for reevaluation, at a soul level, to decide if they would like to carry on or if they would like to consider it a job well done and transition out of the body. Some souls are pleased with how far they have come and wish to experience the shift from the energies of Home. Other souls are excited to stay and continue to assist the grand shift that is occurring in physical form. In such cases, those souls have agreed that in order to stay they are willing move into another cycle of growth, expansion, and discovery.

There will be those who have contracted the virus and heal beyond it. Again, those are the ones who have chosen to stay and to experience greater expansion and discovery on their life paths moving forward. Some, because they have immunity, will use it as an opportunity to step into different types of service than they would have discovered otherwise. Some will find themselves moving forward in new directions as this will open a new phase in their incarnation.

There will be those who experience great fear for themselves and their loved ones. These are the people who are not feeling empowered or balanced within themselves, and don’t yet see themselves as creators. These may be people who find illness particularly triggering due to challenging current life or pastlife experiences. This will be an opportunity for many of these people to find healing for those old wounds, and through their survival they will see they are far more capable than they realized.

There will be another group of people who have no fear of the virus at all, and will stay quite balanced throughout the pandemic. These are space holders, who are serving the whole through their groundedness and energetics. They are true leaders by example.

There will be yet others who jump into very active service throughout it all, as frontline workers, and healers, or who will be drawn into acts of loving, simple service for their communities. All of this is allowing them to honour their own service contracts and to be the love.

There are so many layers of this experience for you, Dear Ones! A pandemic is a great global unifier. It shows that the world is far more connected than it may have seemed during such times of division and separation. It makes room for compassion, for both yourselves and for others. It opens you to new experiences, and new opportunities. By focusing on how your choices can affect both you and others, it allows you to be the love.

The energies on your planet of the past several months have been incredibly intense. This has been extremely taxing on your physical bodies. The space that is being created for you now as things shut down and people are encouraged to stay home more is giving you some essential down time to integrate, to rest, to self nurture, and to connect within. It also brings to the forefront how much your loved ones mean to you, and what you may wish to heal and shift within those relationships, as well.

So many of you live lives that have become almost unmanageable and distract you through extreme busyness. This is an opportunity to reset, to create greater balance, and develop much more clarity as you move forward in the energies of 2020. As you emerge, you will find that it is impossible to go back to your old lives if they were out of balance, unmanageable, or focused on things that you no longer find important. You will have new energetic boundaries that serve you much better.

We wish to also remind you that periods of lull and action are parts of the flow. The greater the lull, the greater the wave of forward movement will follow it. This is preparing you for massive change that is ready to occur on your planet.

One of the great gifts of this phase is some of the shifts you are already seeing implemented were considered not viable. You are seeing the seeds of universal health care, a greater home/work balance, the opportunity to work from home, the seeds of basic income to meet the needs of the people, all coming to the forefront. We find this interesting as many of you have been trying to push this in your election cycles, and here they are starting to occur! It is moving leaders into more compassionate leadership. The supports you require to support you through this time of transformation will find their way to you. Allow.

As you become more clear about who you really are and discovering what is truly possible due to the changes that are being  implemented through these unprecedented challenges, you are becoming more aligned with true and massive change both collectively and individually. All great changes start by recognizing needs and navigating them one Now moment at a time. That is the gift of the times you are in right now, and much growth and positive change will come from what is discovered in the days and weeks to come.

So be kind and gentle with yourselves, and be kind and gentle with others. Allow people to be where they are and understand that love is the connector between where you are and where they are. Saying it is not a big deal may be true for you but it may be hurtful and dismissive to someone who is in the throes of fear or has lost a loved one. Your compassion for others, whatever their experience may be, while staying true to yourself and your own beliefs, will support connectedness and community in the long run, which will do much to heal the division your planet has been struggling with and is ready to evolve beyond.

This is a time of global reset. The virus will last exactly as long as required to facilitate the opportunities for change and not one moment longer. Allow the corona virus to lead you fully into your sovereignty as an empowered co-creator. You will all emerge from this time different, with new perspectives, greater clarity, and refined focus and that will serve you all very well, indeed. You are being loved and guided through it all.

~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
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