Choose Joy Channeled December 30/09

Indeed, the first thing I wish to give to you today, our dear ones, is we wish to give you permission to trust in your highest vision of yourselves and what you would like to create for yourselves moving into the energy of the new year. We wish to address the issue of looking for guidance through those with predictive gifts. By this we mean, psychics. Now those with the gifts of prediction are excellent resources, particularly for those that are just stepping onto their spiritual paths. A psychic of integrity can show a client a glimpse of life beyond the veil. They can offer the wondrous experience of revealing where the soul wishes them to go. It can also offer people confirmation that there is, indeed, more out there – a huge cache of information, knowledge, guidance and love. All very important as people first begin to embrace their spirituality. It can also be a helpful tool for those who already have developed some gifts as a means of confirmation. These are all very valid uses of those with divinatory gifts. Once a human has developed to the point where they accept that they are the creators of their own life experience, the usefulness of a psychic becomes null and void. Do you understand what we are trying to tell you here?

Many enlightening humans become quite frustrated because psychics stop “working” for them because they are unable to accurately predict where they are going. The reason for this is because the person hasn’t decided yet! It is merely a matter of them needing to get clear on their intentions and on to the job of creating the life experience they want. Once a soul has fully stepped into the acceptance or the level of beingness that understands they are co-creators in their own lives, there is no need for predictions. Some people will say to me, “But Gabriel, how do we know what we should do? How do we know what we are meant to do? How do we know that what we are doing is for our highest good?” We say to you that if you have evolved to a place where you understand that you are a co-creator of your life experience, any decisions you make would be based on seeking your highest good. People say, “Gabriel, how do we know for sure it’s for our highest good?” We say, does it bring you joy? Yes, dear ones, I am going to speak about joy yet again.

The more important aspect of this channel today is to remind you that you all have the ability to choose joy as your natural state of being. Gone are the days of doing things because you should or because it’s expected or acceptable. Your greatest task is to follow the path of joy. The shifting of the energies of the earth have moved you into a reality where the energies of joy are readily accessible at any given time. Joy is not a fleeting emotion that one must chase like going after a butterfly with a net. It is an available option that is there for you. You have earned it, dear ones. Embrace it! Drink it in!

As you will soon see, there are many, many changes that will be happening on this planet over the next ten months. It is vitally important that those of you who have been working so hard to move into the levels of enlightenment that you have achieved, to stay centered, take an observational viewpoint and above all, choose the energies of joy. There will be many who are still in the energies of The Great Divide. Those who are feeling powerless and helpless and in despair, will in response to many of the changes that are coming, dive headlong into fear. You cannot co-create a life experience that honors you from a place of fear. It cannot be done. Many on your planet, in response to the many upcoming earth changes, will find themselves worrying about Armageddon. They will see many events and even to the most asleep, it will become clear that there is something going on. Because they are observing it from a disempowered viewpoint they will gnash their teeth and be sure that this is the end of the world. As we are moving through these amazing and unprecedented times on earth, we wish to remind you, those of you who have worked so hard to move beyond the density of the old world, to take an observant viewpoint and understand that what is going on with people is essential for their growth and enlightenment. But most importantly, anchor the energies of unconditional love and joy so your beloved planet can evolve into what all of mankind professes to want.

The energies of unconditional love and joy completely counteract the energies of fear. And will effectively override the lower energies of those who have not embraced the greatness of the cycle that is happening on earth. We speak of the wild card of free will. We have spoken of what the collective consciousness may do if it is based in fear and powerlessness. How wonderful it is that those of you who are on this planet to assist have worked your way into a job that simply consists of staying in the energies of love and joy! So this, dear ones, is what we wish to leave you with in the new energies of your new year. Get clear about what it is that you would like to create for yourself. If you are not sure about what that is, simply imagine doing all of the things that bring you the most joy and know that the flow will make it clear. By doing so you will be honoring your soul and the planet as well. This is all we have for you today.

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