As we move more and more into the new energies, there are two areas that can hold us back. One is forgiveness, the other is self love. Forgiveness is so imperative, because our lack of true forgiveness of others keeps us tethered to the past, and the energies that caused us pain. We have done so much heavy lifting, holding space for a shifting planet, and going through our own personal evolution. It is time to tackle the last uncharted territory, which is forgiveness first, which will make self love much easier, so we can step forward into the new ready to receive the life expressions we truly desire and deserve.

Forgiveness for ourselves is just as important for any regrets we may have, because it is very hard to move into true self love if you can’t forgive your choices or experiences in the past.

Because forgiveness can be such a tricky theme for many, I have created this program to provide supports in a variety of ways. This includes hypnosis, guided meditations, and finally a journeying session to provide complete healing around this theme not only for your current self, but also for your past, different life expressions and also your ancestral lines. It is designed to be very comprehensive to address any areas where you may get stuck. It is designed to help you move beyond the hurts of old into true forgiveness by looking at it and addressing it from many different angles. May we all move forward and thrive in the life expressions we knew were possible, but just couldn’t find our way to. It’s our time.



Trinity Esoterics Forgiveness - Class One

An introduction to the program and a discussion of what forgiveness will do for us, including:


  • Why cord cutting may not have worked in the past.
  • What forgiveness achieves energetically.
  • Who it is really for.
  • Ending karmic loops.
  • Energetic up-levelling through detachment.


Practical Exercise: A hypnosis session designed to get your subconscious mind cooperating with the process of forgiveness.



In this class we explore in depth some common stumbling blocks to forgiveness, including:

  • Old Beliefs That Make Forgiveness Hard
  • An eye for an eye and why that’s never a good idea.
  • You think you are stupid if you forgive.
  • You don’t want to let them “off the hook”.
  • The myth of needing them to give you closure.
  • Trying to punish another by not forgiving.
  • What to do if the person you need to forgive is no longer living.
  • Withholding forgiveness to make a point or teach a lesson.
  • Feeling like you shouldn’t have to forgive.
  • Believing the person who harmed you knew better.
  • Feeling if you thrive it is like saying you weren’t harmed by their actions.

What happens if you don’t forgive:

  • The false power of not forgiving
  • Keeping yourself in a karmic loop
  • Creating new karma
  • Keeping yourself energetically connected to the one who harmed you
  • Giving the person who harmed you more power over your life than you deserve

What happens when we forgive:

  • We stop defining ourselves through our victimhood
  • We allow true healing to occur
  • We refine our energetics
  • We hold the energy of empowerment
  • We anchor the energy of grace
  • We open up to new timelines
  • We can retrieve our innocence
  • We give closure to ourselves
Trinity Esoterics Forgiveness - Class Two

Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to experience the assistance of the angels to forgive and reclaim your innocence.



Trinity Esoterics Forgiveness - Class Three

In this class we explore:


  • Why do we find forgiving ourselves so hard to do?
  • Belief systems that hold us back from doing it
  • The myths that led to our regret
  • How the female ego often shows up
  • Areas where we may have not used our wisdom with our choices
  • Not feeling worthy of our own forgiveness
  • Using a lack of self-forgiveness as a misguided means of keeping ourselves accountable
  • What to do if you have done something you truly regret
  • Owning how we may have participated in situations that didn’t honor us
  • Not forgiving ourselves for missing someone’s transition


Practical Exercise: Comprehensive guided meditation with the help of healing angels to move into forgiveness for yourself.



It is quite common when faced with extremely challenging circumstances to blame God and the Universe for what we are going through. This class is all about honouring the human but also taking a broader perspective of free will, our life plans, and the purpose of some of our challenges.


We will explore the purpose of situations we feel powerless with such as:

  • Abuse
  • Hurt
  • Disabilities
  • Illness
  • Death of a loved one

We also explore:

  • Finding our way to empowerment
  • Releasing victim consciousness
  • Catalysts to growth
  • Concurrent lifetimes
  • The soul’s desire for experiences
  • How some souls reach their highest purpose by affecting change through their passing
  • The surrender factor of forgiveness
  • Shifting into faith and trust
  • Jesus as a model of forgiveness
  • Forgiveness as an expression of who you truly are
Trinity Esoterics Forgiveness - Class Four

Practical Exercise: Guided meditation to travel to the higher planes of consciousness to receive the gifts of the challenges and to move into peace and acceptance with your choices, and your relationship with God and the universe.



Trinity Esoterics Forgiveness - Class Five

In this class we discuss the journeying process – how it came to be and what it is designed to do for you. You will receive an overview of the process so you have an idea of what to expect in your journeying process.


During your journey you will:

  • Identify any blockage to forgiveness
  • See it destroyed
  • Replace it with a new empowered declaration
  • Receive the energy of an anchor statement which allows you to move forward into your highest potentials
  • Retrieve soul fragments
  • Re-integrate any inner child aspects that didn’t feel it was safe to be part of the whole
  • Be cleansed and healed in the healing waters
  • Receive healing for all of the past and your ancestral lines
  • Merge with your thriving self that you are now a match to


Practical Exercise: Journeying Into Forgiveness

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DISCLAIMER: Materials, techniques and information shared on TRINITY ESOTERICS are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making life changes of any kind, participants are encouraged to consult their healthcare providers and/or seek professional medical advice.


Due to the nature of the materials offered in our courses and sessions, we regretfully cannot offer refunds.