Journeying into the New

The thing I am most passionate about in my career is empowering others to be able to do for themselves, rather than being dependent upon me or anyone else to tell them what they need for their own growth and healing.


One of the things I get asked time and again by people is, “How am I blocked?”. I am beyond thrilled that I have received this process that will allow people to not only discover for themselves what their blockage is, but to also have concrete steps that they can take on their own to release the blockage, replace it with something far more empowering, create an anchor statement designed to support them in the manifestation of their truest desires, reintegrate soul fragments and inner child aspects, receive healings, ask to be re-parented if necessary, spread that healing not just through this lifetime but also through past lives and their ancestral lines, and finally merge with their fully embodied self.

This process is simple to learn and has been creating some truly profound shifts in people who have been stuck on the same theme for what seems like ages.

It is also very effective in helping you discover blockages you weren’t aware of at all! It is not necessary to know ahead of time what the specific blockage or challenge is in order to use this system, in fact, it is designed to help you make those discoveries. Not only is the process easy to learn, it will become a tool you can utilize whenever needed to help keep you moving forward with the most comfort and ease possible.



Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class One

In this class we will discuss:


  • The energies of the new.
  • How this program came to be.
  • The overall journeying process.
  • What it is designed to do for you.
  • Emotions that may come up.
  • The general steps of your journey.



In this class we will discuss:


  • How blocks come to be.
  •  The various things that can cause blocks, including:
        • vows
        • societal conditioning
        • coping strategies/survival tactics
        • self-limiting beliefs
        • fears
        • religious restrictions
  • Your temple of knowledge.
  • How you will discover your blockage and identify what is holding you back.
Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Two



Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Three

In this class we will discuss:


  • What an empowered declaration is.
  • The purpose of the empowered declaration.
  • How it is different than an affirmation.
  • Why it is such a powerful healing tool.
  • Tips for writing an empowered declaration.
  • How you will feel when you find the perfect empowered declaration for you.



In this class we will discuss:


  • What an anchor statement is.
  • How it is different than an empowered declaration.
  • Why it is such a powerful manifestation and embodiment tool.
  • How the anchor statement becomes part of who you are.
  • The anchor statement’s role in creating a new future for yourself.
Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Four



Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Five

In this class we will discuss:


  • The energy healing steps of the journey.
  • Reintegration of soul fragments.
  • Reintegration of inner child aspects.
  • The healing waters.
  • Healing the past.
  • Healing ancestral lines.
  • The opportunity to be re-parented.
  • Merging with your embodied self.
  • Seeing your highest path forward.



In this class we will discuss:


  • How you will feel after your journey.
  • How to know when an old theme or blockage has been completely neutralized.
  • Signs you have healed.
  • Signs you might have a bit more to do.
  • What to do if you feel there might be more to explore.
  • Supporting your body through the healing process.
  • Supporting your inner child aspects as they heal.
  • How your healing might be reflected back to you.
Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Six



Trinity Esoterics Journey Into The New - Class Seven

In this final class, we discuss 20 frequently asked questions, such as:


  • How do I know I’ll be able to do this?
  • Why if I can’t find my Temple of Knowledge?
  • What if my Temple is empty?
  • What if I can’t get the right wording for my empowered declaration?
  • How do I know I did all the steps right?
  • How often should I journey?
  • How do I know this hasn’t all been my imagination?
  • What can I expect from being re-parented?


These are just a few of the FAQs that I answer in this class to help you feel well prepared for your journeying experiences.



Journeying Meditation One:


finding your Temple of Knowledge

discovering the blockage

gathering pertinent information

Journeying Meditation Two:


removing the blockage

replacing it with your empowered declaration

becoming one with your anchor statement


experiencing the healing waters


merging into your full potential.



Instructions for Journeying:


This is a handy guide you can print out and use to quickly refer to whenever you might need to remind yourself of the journeying steps.



How To Write Empowered Declarations and Anchor Statements:


This is a comprehensive guide to help you construct your empowered declaration and anchor statements.

It contains a list of words that work well to neutralize blockages and wounds,
suggested ways to begin your sentences, as well as many examples of well-written empowered
declarations and anchor statements for common themes.



Private Facebook Group


This is a private facebook group for those who have been using the journeying into the new program where you can share experiences,

help others with their empowered declaration or anchor statements,

ask for assistance in writing yours,

and receive support if you feel you need a little extra help with the process.

Private Journeying Session


Are you feeling blocked and can’t seem to identify why or move beyond it no matter what you do?

Are you continually going through the same theme no matter how many times you try to shift it or heal it?

A private session to Journey Into The New can help!


With this journeying session you will work one on one with Shelley by zoom. She will guide you through every single step

of this transformative process to help you move forward with much more comfort and ease.


Together you will discover whatever has been holding you back, and then you will
work together to write the perfect empowered declaration and anchor statement for you.
(Gabriel often chimes in with advice on the appropriate words to use, so you will receive lots of extra guidance!)


Next, Shelley will guide you through all of the healing steps to completely neutralize that theme
so you can move forward into your highest potential.


The journeying process typically takes about an hour but because it is a process, we work through it for as long as it takes for it to be complete.


As everyone is individual, your session may run longer than an hour so please allow
extra time for your appointment in case we need it.

It is also good to choose a day to journey where you will have a lot  of free time afterwards to rest and reflect.

Journeying Into The New
Self Study Course *PLUS* Private Journeying Session


If you are feeling like you would like some extra assistance with your journeying process,
this package is an excellent option.


For your first journey you will work one on one with Shelley.
She will guide you through every single step, making sure you get the most out of the program.
Together you will discover whatever has been holding you back, and then you will work together to write
the perfect empowered declaration and anchor statement for you.
(Gabriel often chimes in with advice on the appropriate words to use, so you will receive lots of extra guidance!)


Next Shelley will guide you through all the healing steps to completely
neutralize that theme so you can move forward into your highest potential.


Once you have journeyed one on one, you will know what to expect and you will
feel much more confident to do subsequent journeys on your own by following the steps in the course.


Most journeying sessions are completed within an hour, but it may go a bit longer.
Shelley will work with you until your journeying session is complete.

To request more information regarding any of the above options, please click here to email Shelley.

Facilitator Training


I have been so impressed with the profound shifts my journeying clients have been experiencing, I feel called to make it possible for this process to spread out and reach as many people as possible. That’s why I have decided to offer facilitator training so others can be certified to lead people through the journeying process.


I am currently taking applications for the first facilitator training course. Ideal candidates should be intuitive, able to create safe space for others, practice mindful speak, experienced in leading others through processes, and able to think creatively on the spot. A good grasp of energetics and the english language are necessary. Having a one on one journeying session with me is a prerequisite, so you have a good idea of how the process works and have experienced the shifts it creates for yourself.


The first facilitator training will be limited in size and will be offered at an introductory rate of $800. You will be able to charge between $100 and $199 for this service once you are certified so it will pay for itself quite quickly. This first group is designed for me to figure out timing required, how the training lends itself to zoom, etc, so that is why I am offering it at the reduced rate. Once the kinks are out, facilitator training will cost $1200. If you are interested, please send an email outlining your qualifications and availability to I look forward to creating a wonderful network of healing with you!


DISCLAIMER: Materials, techniques and information shared on TRINITY ESOTERICS are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making life changes of any kind, participants are encouraged to consult their healthcare providers and/or seek professional medical advice.


Due to the nature of the materials offered in our courses and sessions, we regretfully cannot offer refunds.