Private Sessions

Have you ever wished you could ask Gabriel questions about your own life? You can! You can have your own private reading with Shelley and Gabriel.


Each session lasts approximately one hour, includes Energy Healing and allows clients to gather information on how to proceed to have their most empowered life experience. All sessions are performed via Skype or FaceTime.


Same day sessions are not available. Normal wait times for sessions run one to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

All sessions must be conducted over a video format (being able to see the client helps Shelley “find” them energetically in order to do the reading).

Telephone sessions are not available unless you have already worked with Shelley and she is familiar with your energy.

We do not provide a recording of your session but you are welcome to record your session on your own device.

Due to the nature of this service, we regretfully cannot offer refunds.

New! Journeying into the New – Private Journeying Sessions


Are you feeling blocked and can’t seem to identify why or move beyond it no matter what you do?

Are you continually going through the same theme no matter how many times you try to shift it or heal it?

A private session to Journey Into The New can help!


With this journeying session you will work one on one with Shelley by zoom. She will guide you through every single step

of this transformative process to help you move forward with much more comfort and ease.


Together you will discover whatever has been holding you back, and then you will
work together to write the perfect empowered declaration and anchor statement for you.
(Gabriel often chimes in with advice on the appropriate words to use, so you will receive lots of extra guidance!)


Next, Shelley will guide you through all of the healing steps to completely neutralize that theme
so you can move forward into your highest potential.


The journeying process typically takes about an hour but because it is a process, we work through it for as long as it takes for it to be complete.


As everyone is individual, your session may run longer than an hour so please allow
extra time for your appointment in case we need it.

It is also good to choose a day to journey where you will have a lot of free time afterwards to rest and reflect.

To request more information, please click here to email Shelley.


DISCLAIMER:  Materials, techniques and information shared on TRINITY ESOTERICS are provided for informational purposes only and must not be construed as personal medical advice. Before making life changes of any kind, participants are encouraged to consult their healthcare providers and/or seek professional medical advice.