person holding cup of love trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday April 1, 2022

Many of you carry wounds of abandonment or being shunned from other life expressions. This is an exceedingly common theme for enlightening human beings, and one that is up for healing as you continue to move forward into unity consciousness.

What we wish for you to know today is that every single time you deny yourself, speak harshly to yourself, or neglect your own feelings and needs, you perpetuate that wound.

Dear Ones, your self compassion, self acceptance, self care, and self inclusion is the healing balm you seek. It is time to release the idea that you can berate yourself into enlightenment and realize you have everything you need within you to love yourself forward, just as we love you forward every step of the way.

Do you see? Your own complete self love practice is what will allow you to reintegrate all the aspects of you that so desperately yearn for your love, and by doing so you will be holding the energy of unity consciousness, which is exactly what you are on the planet to experience and anchor.

Can you simply be kind to yourself? All it takes is shifting into being a safe place for yourself to heal and before you know it you will be thriving and connecting with others like never before. It all begins within, and you are so worth it. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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