Daily Message ~ Friday April 15, 2016

Dear Ones, what if what you called your mistakes was merely evidence of your continued innocence? Many of you think your innocence is long lost. But you would never make a mistake if you knew better. The fact that you didn’t know better means that you were in a state of innocence.

When you see a child try something that doesn’t work out, you are able to approach it from a place of love and encouragement. What if you looked at your own attempts the same way? How freeing would it be if you viewed it as your innocence leading the way, knowing you can simply learn and adjust if it doesn’t work out?

This is yet another way you can love yourself – by being kind and forgiving with your experiences in life, knowing that is how you learn and expand into a greater expression and knowingness of self, regardless of outcome. ~Archangel Gabriel

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