Daily Message ~ Friday April 21, 2017

Dear Ones, many of you find it difficult to connect with others, particularly loved ones, who are residing in a different energetic space. As you have grown along your ascension journey, perhaps you have found an energetic divide between you and them that is difficult to bridge.

The first thing we want you to understand is that this is completely normal. In most partnerships there is a soul agreement that you will go first, so to speak, clearing the way for them to follow, if and when the timing is right for them to do so.

So it is common for one to take a big step forward energetically, shift into comfort in that new energy, and then the other to move along with those energies however that presents for themselves. Please remember you are anchoring that energy for them to utilize for their own forward movement, whenever that may be appropriate for them and their own soul agenda.

Most couples will stay within a certain vibrational range, where one will step forward, and the other will follow in their own time. So it is very common when there has been an influx of energy to feel a momentary disconnect. It is a cycle that you can be aware of, and start to see as normal and predictable and simply the way the energies work within your own partnership.

Does that mean there is nothing you can do to connect with others in the meantime? Absolutely not. It is not that you can’t connect, it is that you must find a new energetic middle ground to do it from.

How do you do that? It is simple, Dear Ones. Before you intend to connect with the other person, simply still yourself and invite their soul to connect with you in an energetic space that exists and is comfortable to both of you, and send your soul to meet them there.

Take a moment to feel the connection be made and then proceed with your interactions from that new space. If your communication is still not met willingly, know that you have made the connection soul to soul and it will be received that way.

Be easy with yourselves, and with others, during these intense and rapidly shifting times. Where and how you connect may change as the energies do, but your soul always knows where that connection point is, and you can use your wisdom to use that skill to create more ease and flow with your interactions with others. ~Archangel Gabriel

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