Daily Message ~ Friday April 30, 2021

Many enlightening human beings have trouble receiving. This is often due to other life expressions where help was offered but later came at a terrible cost. You have learned not to beholden to others. Or perhaps during this lifetime you have learned not to ask for or receive help for fear of rejection.

We understand why you might feel this way, but we wish for you to understand that you are not on the planet to hold yourself separate or to go it alone. Our wish for you is that you will shift into being willing to receive as much as you as you so willingly give. This will allow you to fully harness the many benefits of the flow.

When others offer to help you, it is the universe serving you by working through them. There are so many loving human beings, just like you, whose greatest desire is to serve. Allow others the joy of being an answer to a prayer.

Can you feel how denying help is attempting to micro-manage the universe? Allowing yourself to receive in whatever ways show up for you opens you up to the wonder of experiencing just how loved and supported you always are. Say yes and let it in, Dear Ones. It is safe for you to receive love and support from all directions because you are the love and you will always draw to you more of the energy you embody. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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