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Daily Message ~ Friday April 8, 2022

You can’t move into the fullest expression of you in the new energies if you are still hauling old limitations around with you. So how do you know you have limitations? By paying conscious attention to the reasons you tell yourself why you can’t have the life you deserve.

The way to do that is to connect with your fondest dream and follow your line of thinking about it. Pay attention to the structure of your sentence when you think of your desire. Usually your sentence will start with a very clear identification of what you would like to experience followed by the word but. Everything that follows the but are the reasons you believe you can’t have it.

Those limiting beliefs have likely been created long ago, either by family or societal opinions, a fear, doubt, or perceived powerlessness. We can guarantee you that the impressionable you who believed those limitations to be true is a far cry from the empowered you that is ready to step forward into the new energies and the creation of your highest life expression.

So pay attention to everything that comes after the word “but” and ask yourself the following:

Is this really true?
Is there another option?
Can I create beyond this?
Have I truly explored this dream recently?
What actions steps have I taken towards this dream?
What version of this dream might be fully available for me?
What can I do to shift this and honour my truth?
Have I surrendered into the co-creation of my own version of this dream with the help of my highest self, my guides, and my helpers?
What would the empowered version of me do to have this experience?

Questions bring clarity, Dear Ones, and our greatest desire for you is that you will find your way into the fullest life expression that is available to you and to continue to grow it from there. We want you to give yourself permission to follow where your heart is yearning to go, and to fully embrace the endless possibilities that are available to you as an enlightening human being on an ascending planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hi everyone! I have some news. I’ve decided to start holding monthly channels again on whatever themes seem to be most important to the times we are in. The first one will be this Saturday April 9 at 1 pm eastern time, and the topic will be Navigating Choppy Energies. This is a zoom event that will run an hour or so. It will be interactive so you will have a chance to ask questions. The cost is $35 to attend. I hope you will join us, it should be lots of fun! You can sign up here: https://trinityesoterics.as.me/monthlychannel


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