Daily Message ~ Friday August 11, 2017

Do you have a deep distrust of when things are good? Do you feel if wonderful things happen it must be fleeting? Do you immediately wait for the “other shoe to drop”?

You anchor things into your awareness through acceptance. If you immediately distrust when things are “too good”, you will instantly throw constraints on your flow. You will block yourself before the full beauty of what the universe is trying to deliver you can be fully assimilated and enjoyed.

Dear Ones, it is ok to trust in the good, in fact, it is highly recommended! If something works for you, give thanks to show your approval and acceptance and then open yourself up to the next wonderful thing that is now possible.

Understand if you have stepped into an energy of what is wanted, it is because that is what is in alignment with you and you can now see what else is possible from that alignment and take the next step into even better.

There are no limits! You get to choose, and choose, and choose again, all based on what feels good to you and opens up to you as new possibilities, as an empowered co-creator of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel

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