Daily Message ~ Friday August 12, 2016


Many of you have been conditioned to be afraid of the future, to be on high alert for what is unwanted. You look for reassurances that nothing bad will happen. Do you ever think that the future could bring wonderful surprises? If that isn’t a potential you consider, we urge you to broaden your scope of possibilities.

The fear you have held for so long concerning your future has come from feeling powerless. Once you grab the reins and begin to hold the energy you desire and co-create from an empowered place, you can start to approach each coming day from a space of openness and acceptance. To put it in terms you can easily understand, there is no need to fear the mail when the bills are paid and you are simply waiting for the packages you have ordered to arrive.

Make room for magic in your lives, Dear Ones. Open to the idea that the unknown can be delightful. Allow the universe, and your highest self, to serve and delight you in all the ways you couldn’t imagine, and you will embrace each day with a sense anticipation and wonder. ~Archangel Gabriel

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