radiant sun in blue sky trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Friday August 12, 2022

If you are a person who is energetically affected by the solar flare activity of the sun, we suggest you practice getting ten minutes of sun on your bare skin every day. You can also leave water in the sun for a short period of time to receive its benefits and then drink it as a tonic. By doing both you absorb some of the sun’s energy which allows you to shift much easier with it.

The sun’s rays also offer many more healing properties than you realize. Of course, too much of anything is not wise or recommended, but allowing yourself to take in small amounts of the sun’s energy with the intention to receive its healing can benefit you in many ways.

You might also experiment with the energy the sun offers you at different times of the day. You may find it purifying very early in the day, energizing mid day, and calming later in the day. The sun has always been there to assist you in a myriad of ways on your journey. We highly recommend you take the time to explore this wonderful resource and the different ways it can serve you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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