Daily Message ~ Friday August 16, 2013

The enlightening human beings have been working so very hard to step into their authentic power. You have been doing a wonderful job! But we understand that such growth is difficult to track for yourselves, and that some of you are wondering how you are doing. Dear Ones, if you wish to be rescued in any area of your life, that is the area that you have not quite embraced your authentic power, yet.

Wanting to be rescued goes hand in hand with victim consciousness. Are you wishing for the perfect partner to ride in and make your life better? Wishing to find the perfect healer to fix you? Waiting to win the lottery so you can have the money to live the life of your dreams? While there is nothing wrong with wanting love, health, or money, you cannot draw it to you from a place of neediness, with a desire for an external to make you whole.

You are always getting feedback from the universe. If you are lacking in any area, it is simply showing you where you have not yet stepped into your immense power to create the life of your dreams. Look for any belief systems connected to that area that suggest that you are less than, not worthy or in any way incapable of creating what you want. Release those old ideas and, with your conscious awareness, start taking your power back and you will experience the energy shifting and moving in that area in no time at all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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