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Daily Message ~ Friday August 27, 2021

There is much energetic shifting going on at this time. This is to give you an opportunity to get really clear about the essence of your desired creations.

Imagine your purest desire is mixed in with all kinds of chunks of density. These chunks of density may come from old belief systems and experiences, or from the churned up energies of the collective. You have to extract your dream from what no longer serves you.

Prospectors will use various methods to separate the treasure from the worthless materials. They may use screens to agitate the dirt to reveal what has value, or they may use gold pans to swirl water over the sediment until they find the gold.

You are in the same process. You are filtering to find your treasure! Each pause and reflection on the way allows you to get clearer about what you wish to create until it is the purest reflection of your energies and the most valuable outcome for you. So if you are finding yourself feeling agitated by the energies, it may help to think of it as you and your dreams are becoming even more refined to give you the purest results that match your intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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