Daily Message ~ Friday August 7, 2015

Dear Ones, your soul is always seeking growth and expansion, and the further experience of your truth and divinity. The fastest way to that experience is through surrender. Many of you are willingly embracing movement and evolution, and are adjusting your paths with the subtlest of bumps and nudges. Others are completely out of alignment with Source, resisting mightily, and seemingly headed in the wrong direction.

Fear not, for those who seem to be most disconnected will find themselves in such discomfort they will soon find it impossible to carry on in that direction. It is at that point that they, too, will surrender, and alignment, growth and expansion will occur.

Do you see? All movement is forward movement! The soul will always follow the quickest way to the surrender point. For a willing soul, it is through following signs and synchronicities. For a resistant soul, it may be by barrelling headlong towards an energetic bottom. It is simply the amount of discomfort before one willingly moves into surrender and flow, that varies.

Rest assured, all humans on your planet are loved and supported no matter which route they decide to take, and all will embrace surrender and alignment, and the relief they bring, when it is the perfect time for them to do so. ~Archangel Gabriel

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