Daily Message ~ Friday August 9, 2013

Dear Ones, we understand that the shifting you are going through can sometimes be uncomfortable. You are unsure of what your new landscape will look like and for many of you, your old world has been stripped away. You are in what can feel like an energetic no man’s land, and it is during such times that doubt can start to creep in.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable phase, we urge you to embrace surrender and flow. Find that spark of faith and truth at your core that knows without doubt that all is well. Resistance will only create more discomfort.

You, as a human being of light creating a brand new age, have endless supports available to you. Work with your helpers! Know you are not alone. Intend to move with grace and ease. Know that proceeding with surrender, flow, trust and faith is the way to navigate your life expression for the greatest good of ALL. It is also the way to land in your brand new vistas the most direct and comfortable way possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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