Daily Message ~ Friday December 14, 2012

You are pioneers. You have believed, and held the faith and vision of the New Earth and the endless potential that it holds. You have honoured your sacred soul contracts to be of energetic support and to be an active co-creator of the Shift. Many of you have worked tirelessly as energetic space holders and filters, not even realizing the importance of the work you have been doing. You are so powerful, not only in the creation of the unprecedented events that are occurring on your planet right now, but also as teachers by example. Dear Ones, embrace the times and all you have accomplished. There are many others who are watching you and about to start to awaken. Show them the new paradigm, that of the empowered human who walks the planet in joyous service and BEingness. Be an example of why they would want to enlighten. Reassure them that it is all so very worth it and a glorious path to experience. Show them that they are not only safe, they are entirely supported to begin their own sacred journeys. This is what will create a beautiful spiral of humans reaching higher and higher levels of attainment as part of the Golden Age of Enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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