Daily Message ~ Friday December 6, 2013

Many of you would like to be of service but you feel you don’t have enough time, or enough money, or enough skill to make a difference. What you are not realizing is that by holding your highest alignment you are being of service to yourself, your environment, your body, your work, the grids, the planet, the people around you and everyone you come in contact with. Small acts of service, of love and of kindness, can have a profoundly powerful effect on others. Further, the cumulative effect of those acts is what is creating the shift of consciousness on your planet right now. Your acts of service do not need to be grandiose to make a difference. It is the human beings who are staying in their highest alignment and BEing the authentic change they wish to see, collectively, who will anchor in the energies of this new age of enlightenment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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