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Daily Message ~ Friday December 8, 2023

One of the ways enlightening human beings tend to abuse themselves is through their negative self talk. Why not make a list of your wonderful qualities instead and understand as you celebrate them, you support the wonderful, unique being you truly are?

We will help you get started. You are a piece of divinity, a beloved piece of the whole that is integral to the creation of the new earth. You are unconditionally loved and supported. You are a miracle of energy, in the body, doing what your soul has craved to do for millennia. You love. You are enlightening. you crave knowledge and are a seeker. You are making a difference. You are supporting the process through your beingness. You shine with your own unique light and purpose.

Continue on with all the wonderful qualities that are unique to you! Make a list and read it daily! Celebrate who you really are and you will only attract more and more of what resonates with you. This is what we wish for every single human on the planet, because as you finally accept your truth and embrace the glory of your being, you will be further anchoring the energy that supports not only you, but the whole ascension process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Your loving donations make a real difference and make it possible for me to be able to continue to provide free channeled content to encourage and help people through their own evolution and to better understand whatever energetic themes we may be experiencing. What many of you don’t realize is that there are costs involved in creating and distributing the messages. Your assistance helps me to offset those expenses and continue to be of service. To thank you for your assistance, if you make a donation of any amount in the month of December you will automatically be entered in our sweepstakes draw. You could win:

Grand Prize: A Journeying Into The New private session plus the accompanying course ($222 value)
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Third Prize: A half hour private reading ($100 value)
Fourth Prize: There will be ten fourth prize draws for the course of your choice ($149 value)
Fifth Prize: Free attendance to a live Archangel Gabriel channel (a $33 value)

That’s a total of 14 prizes!

If you have found our messages to be helpful and feel guided to give to support our continued service, you can do so by heading over to and clicking the donate button, by sending directly to through PayPal, or if you are in Canada you can etransfer to that email. The draw will be held January 1, 2024, no purchase necessary. If you are not able to donate and appreciate our work and would like to be included in the draw, no problem, just send me an email to let me know and I’ll be happy to add your name. We are all in this together! I am so, so grateful to be on this journey with you. I’m wishing you the most wonderful holiday season filled with love, happiness, heartfelt connection, and a new year that sees all your dreams come true. xo

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